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  • Waterproof gloves, they lied, advice please
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    if it's really wet, get some wet-gloves (as in surfing), with a 1-2mm thickness. They're warm, but not so windproof.


    This bears no relation to when a waterproof garment allows water to permeate the membrane.

    ??????? Don't you mean the hydrostatic head test bears no relation to breathability as this is due to atmospheric pressure as you correctly stated?


    MrSalmon – Minimum hydrostatic test results to be classed as waterproof in the uk is 1500mm which is a guide line as often different diameter tubes are used by different testing companies.

    All garments sold in the UK that state they are waterproof have had to meet the British Standard of 3 PSI, which is approx 1,500mm of pressure. Falling rain generates about 2 PSI (approx 1,000mm), however an 84kg person can generate about 8 PSI (4,000mm) when sitting and 16 PSI (approx 8,000mm) when kneeling, so your bargain waterproof may not be as waterproof as you think!

    Taken from the how waterproof is waterproof section half way down

    Even if you take their examples of the pressures needed as being slightly out you still don't need a lot of pressure to penetrate a waterproof membrane. I don't know it all by a long way but I do know more than most as i've had training off numerous outdoor clothing manufactures mainly on waterproof clothing due to a job. A lot of what people think when these types of threads start is completely wrong, which isn't ment to knock anybody, I didn't know any better until it was explained to me.

    OK, it's unlikely for a 'proper' waterproof- that same article recommends a minimum of 10,000-20,000, and 3 layer Goretex is supposedly 45,000. So assuming decent kit I'd still say that in reality water being forced through the fabric is pretty unlikely.

    i got some Gore-bike wear gloves for the winter and im glad i did..my fingers were warm as toastie…quite expensive 'forty quid'…..but im happy with mine…. just me toes that seem to get frostbite in winter.. even with wooly socks on…lol

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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