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  • Waterproof gloves: do they exist?
  • Rik

    I wear Mystic 2mm kitesurf gloves with Amara (synthetic waterproof leather) palms and have found them to be better than the various mtb gloves I have tried over the years. Dual use too as I take them out kitesurfing as well!

    More info please – have you tried the glacier glove aswell?
    What’s the fit like? Big/small?


    *Cough* I’ll probably get caned for this but these are waterproof and I’m selling them:


    (As waterproof as gloves can be, that’s to say. I got two pairs and the pair I’m using really do keep water out, even when you hold them under a tap.)


    crazy-legs – Member

    The only ones I’ve found that come close are Endura Deluge gloves. Tried loads of gloves and these are now my default winter riding ones. So far so good.
    Agree with that, I’ve tried Altura, Sealskinz Gore to nam a few and the Endura Deluge are by far the best.

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    My deluges were barely water resistant- I thought they were defective but endura didn’t seem to think there was anything out of the ordinary with them. Nice gloves otherwise though


    If you google Mystic 2mm smooth wetsuit gloves you’ll find them. Palm has good grip (although no padding). The palm is not actually waterproof which means they can actually breathe, I’ve tried full neoprene gloves and you end up really sweaty. Strictly speaking not what the OP was after though…

    I bought some Polaris Torrent gloves in the Go Outdoors sale recently, seem good to me so far.


    Back in the old days of motorcycling instructing (bear with me) I used to be out for 8-13hrs a day in whatever the weather.
    The very best winter/wet weather glove I ended up with was a thin leather glove on the outside (substitute a normal MTB glove) then a pair of the plastic diesel gloves from a petrol station (free) then a pair of silk or fleece (if it was really cold) gloves inside.
    The silk or fleece gloves stayed on your hands and slipped easily in and out of the outer/plastic gloves. They also stayed completely dry.
    Not glamourous but oh so worth it to have dry hands.

    FWIW I also bought a pair of the Pearl Izumi gloves when on offer and they’re good but not great.

    Sealskinz + 1 these ones specifically.

    Best winter gloves I’ve had by a mile. 4 hours on top of the moors in freezing temps, rain and gale force winds and I never even have to think about my hands. I also don’t find my hands sweat at all in them.


    Gloves are complicate things to stitch never mind seam seal. Most realistic manufacturers acknowledge this and accept a higher level of faulty produce than on jackets. There is alway a grey big hole in them where you put your hands too!
    Breathtability one one half will be zero as you are wrapping your hand around a solid thing, oh and that’s the bit of your hand that sweats.
    Sealskins for me are great for walking the dog, useless for commuting or trail riding.
    I’d go for something warmer instead.

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    @andylc, the Mystics look good- and well priced. Is the palm an extra layer on top of the neoprene (ie double thick)? Finger on the buy button…

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