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  • Waterbottle tool bag….?
  • mjsmke

    I’ve not seen a bag version like that before but there are a few bottles with a screw top about. I just use an old bottle with the top cut off on the road bike. A small hole in the bottom to let water drain out too.

    If you cut the top off what do you put on the top to stop everything falling out?

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I have a couple of these:

    It’s just a bottle with a full size screw on lid instead of a drinking valve top, it is pretty water tight for winter use where i’d imagine a bottle shaped bag could quite easily get saturated, but it takes up a bottle cage (obviously) so can you afford to give a cage up for tool storage or can you fit an extra one?

    Premier Icon Clobber

    Rose sell them for about £2 I think, nice big wide neck too


    I keep tools in an old sock to stop them rattling and jumping out. Then stuff a spare inner tube and tyre levers in last. If you cut the bottle above the neck (narrowest part) they tyre levers and tube fit in well and haven’t shaken loose yet.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I also quite like the idea of something like the SKS “Tool Wrap”:

    But they do seem a wee bit steep for what they are every time I’ve looked…

    Edit: Would you believe it Ribble have them for £13.99 at the minute… Hmmm.

    Can you get a phone in those Pro ones?

    Does anyone know if someone makes something similar to this that Trek used to make?

    Couple of the lads I ride with have something similar and they’re great for tubes/wallet/phone etc. The Pro or Elite plastic ones are a nightmare to get thing into and out off, these just zip in half and have little strap to hold everything down.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Depends on the phone and whatever else you want to wedge in around it, but yes, I’ve had a “Standard” chocolte bar sized phone in mine before, along with some tools/cash/cards. if you’ve got a wide neck 750ml bottle for reference, its basically that sort of size/capacity.

    Bulky tubes can take up a lot of room, I’ve Gaffa taped those under seats/top tubes in the past to leave space in the bottle for other items…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got the smaller Pro one, it takes a phone, a multitool, a tube, some haribo and a really really squished in pakajak gilet.

    I’ll give a Pro one a whirl

    what’s wrong with a saddle bag?

    I can never get everything I need in one. Swapping it between bikes is a pain unless you get a clip one which I’m not a fan of.

    YES, that’s the one every one has!!!
    I want that one….where did you get it from??

    richpips – You’re a legend, found on eBay 😀


    I use the Btwin ones. And an Elite. I had a Pro but the top rattled off and I lost it. That soft one looks a poor use of space.

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