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  • UrbanHiker

    Personally I think they are great. Mine is semi-broken, so have to regenerate it manually, this means it runs out of soft and starts to bleed hard water every few days. Washing in hard is horrid when your used to soft.

    Cost after purchase/fitting works out to be about £1/pp/pm. Easy save that on using less soap, washing powder etc.

    Mine is a Kinetico (sp?) 2020c, which cost a fortune. Don’t think Id get the same one again, had nothing but trouble with it. Having said that a couple of friends also have them, and are happy so far. I may have just got a dud.

    If I were to buy again, when I finally get round to replacing mine, I would get one with an electric timer and proportional brining. Job done.

    Having just fitted new shiny shiny chrome in my bathroom I want to keep it that way. I live in Cambridge with very hard water so have been looking at softeners for a 2 person household. our local suppliers sell Tapworks or Monarch softeners which are nice & compact and will fit (just) in a kitchen cupboard next to the sink. Any experience of these or any other suggestions. I’m happy to fit it myself but don’t particularly want reps round with the hard sell although I believe Harvey units are good. I realise I will need a hard water supply for drinking and we have a combi. boiler fitted (Vaillant).


    We’ve always had one….you only notice it when it runs out of salt and the water feels very nasty in the shower.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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