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  • Watcha all doing this bank holiday weekend?
  • Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    It’s my birthday on Saturday so one of two things. I will either be building a new bike up or at the solicitors filing for divorce. One or the other 😉


    This weekend is gonna be great, been looking forward to it since November last year, 3 mates and myself (Scienceofficer not coming) are flying out to Spain on Saturday morning for a whole week of dusty trail riding in Sierra Nevada……it’s gonna be mint!
    I’m not really excited much…honest 😛 8) 😆

    (Very) mini festival at the local with 10 bands playing on the Saturday. York with the Mrs Sunday night for a dirty romantic getaway


    Gotta do some work on a flat I’m selling. Which is dull but necessary. Will definitely be getting out n the road bike and mtb as well though. There’s only so much DIY a man can take.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Got a day with Jedi followed by a night at my sisters as she lives nearby and I haven’t seen in ages.

    Looking forwards to all that I’m not bothered about the rest.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    It’s my birthday on Saturday so one of two things. I will either be building a new bike up or at the solicitors filing for divorce. One or the other

    Do the solicitor thing first then the house will be a lot quieter for the bike build.


    Friday will be a Llandegla+ ride, unsure if to dirve yet or ride there.

    Saturday is a late afternoon walk up Snowdon. Either Llanberis descent or the Rangers path descent. Hit the Rangers descent a few weeks ago so if the group decide it will be Llanberis I hope.

    Then Sunday early doors were hopefully making a trip to the Lakes to ride the Borrowdale Bash, or which ever relevent good trail there is near there. This is TBC a the moment.

    Failing that I need some miles in so it it fails really want to hit Worlds End again.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Nothing planned but I am working Saturday as a favour for someone. Hopefully get some riding in and get my eldest out again, I’m off for a week come Friday anyway so plenty time.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    We have holidays here on the 1st (Labor Day) and Tuesday (Buddhas Birthday….yes) so going to Bali with 4 others to ride the trails there, including going down a volcano which should be fun.
    Will post some pics/video next week if I get time to take some.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    3 days, 3 dates with 3 different ladies, gotta love internet dating

    Mister P

    Off to Croyde to go surfing followed by lots of eating and drinking. I am contemplating selling my bike to fund a surfboard.

    Hob Nob

    3 days of riding, couple with the wife, and Sunday racing*.

    My only caveat is i’m not going racing if the weather looks nasty.


    Going to Ireland. We’ll still be there when the Giro starts 🙂


    400km audax on Saturday.
    Local from midday Sunday seeing how many of their 52 Belgian beers I can get through.
    Probably an off roader Monday or short road depends.


    Tour of the Black Country

    I don’t bother with many sportives, but since this one’s on my doorstep and a little different it seems well worth supporting…

    Since I’ll have the new bike finished by the weekend I’m planning on getting out on it at least once this weekend and I can’t bloody wait!

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Do the solicitor thing first then the house will be a lot quieter for the bike build.

    She’s buying the frame (or rather I hope it’s sitting in her office ready to give me on Saturday) if not…… Divorce 😉

    Premier Icon Nick

    I’ll be camping at herts all weekend

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    First uplift weekend of the season at Fort William so I’m heading up there

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    More work getting a property ready to put on the market.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Driving to Machynlleth on saturday morning. Riding the Climachx trail in the afternoon. Drinking in a big tent in the evening. Riding the Dyfi Enduro on sunday,then home.
    Meeting friends over from Cyprus on monday.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Packing a house as we are getting keys to new one the week after. 🙁 and 🙂

    Maybe a trip to Mabie or Dunkeld to break things up. 8)


    family stuff on Saturday, road bike ride on Sunday and getting my Tattoo finished on Monday afternoon…


    Off to Majorca Sunday morning for 5 days of road riding, gonna miss riding in overcast, coldish conditions with the threat of rain 🙂


    Up in Newcastle for a stag do. Really looking forward to an 8 hour round trip to have a drink. 😕

    Premier Icon benp1

    Welsh Ride Thing here as well. Been looking forward to it since last year!

    Premier Icon DPM

    Welsh Ride Thing here too. 1st time bivvie for me 😀

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Doing a CX ride Sunday from Ilkeston out across to pick up the Tissington Trail, up and back down the High Peak Trail, then home via Leawood pumping station which is in steam over the Bank Holiday. Should be 60-70 miles, depending if we divert to Aldi.

    Might take the kids to Sherwood Pines on Saturday if they are in the mood.


    Ohh I’ll play.

    Well I had chucked my Roadie in the van and driven that up here to that London to ride out with a couple of mates around the Essex flats taking in old Sailing haunts of the Blackwater (Burnham-o-C, West Mersea etc.) but both pulled out last night the gits 😕
    Sooooo, I’m off home again with Roadie and a smile and shall bounce the Downs once again till my teeny ass falls off. Now this may sound boring to many here, most know thats where I rideout, but hey it’s a bloody beautiful place 😀
    I shall also fit in a days riding on the CX but I need to plan a route out that can be a loop of about 60k’s or so.. Now having riden out in North Hants last weekend I may just fomulate a route plan over there, sort of Stockbridge way..
    Either way it’s gonna be amazeballz 😀 8)

    (I’m also riding out tomorrow night here in that London on the Roadie with a stop off at the Rapha shop for coffee on the way home 😀 )

    There is no doubt my life rox 😆

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I’m going here and I can have a scuba with the sharks.

    Candodavid, that sounds awesome!

    I’ve booked friday off (but weather not looking good). Party friday night, Saturday will be working on my 650b conversion (wheel building), 5 mile race in Cardiff on sunday, then 7 mile trail race on Monday.

    Premier Icon Lifer

    Going to Bristol to see Neurosis! Whoooooop

    Ride on monday.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I will be jealous of people flying out to Spain on Saturday morning for a whole week of dusty trail riding in Sierra Nevada.

    Ridden there a couple of times, once for a whole week with Ride Sierra Nevada. Probably – definitely – the best riding trip I’ve ever had by far. Still daydream about it several years later

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    hmmm – forecast is rain for bank holiday Thursday


    Will be in (sunny?) Somerset working on setting up a mass cycle ride from lots of places across Europe to Amsterdam, as part of a tech conference. DrupalCon in October will include a few more rosy-cheeked delegates than most years!

    Amazed at the number of people that have expressed interest in taking part. I believe there’s a whole group riding there from Geneva.



    Driving to Blanu from London on thursday – Friday morning CYB with the Mrs then down to Bala for afternoon. meet up with buddy and his mrs – we ride stiniog saturday – Go to electric mountain on Sun morning then push bikes up snowdon in afternoon with mrs, wave goodbye and ride down snowdon.

    CYB and then home monday !

    Sweet !


    Being a miserable sod and self employed I hate bank holidays!

    BSB at Oulton Park Monday. Me and Ms Engineer are going down on the Bonnie. I’ll bet she’s not looking forward to it quite as much as me …….


    picking up the wife’s sister and her daughters from the train station so they can come spend the weekend at ours…figuring out who will sleeping in the spare room with my bike collection…hoping the wife goes into labour and gives birth while we have someone to keep an eye on our 2 other kids…if the wife gives birth this weekend then i’ll be looking forward to a fortnight off from work and a couple of well deserved bike rides!!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    chicksands on sunday morning for elbows out racing a fun play with some mates

    swinley with the family on monday


    I will be working every hour that I’m not asleep.

    But… I’ll be in Aviemore.


    I’m off for a week from Monday. Weather is supposed to be sunny Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday and 16-20 celcius so I’m happy with that.

    Premier Icon JAG

    Saturday; 2 new front tyres for the Freelander

    Sunday; Stoneleigh Show Ground for the National Kit Car Show – in my kit car!

    Monday; at leisure with my better-half (sneaky ride in the afternoon maybe!)

    Looking forward to it all 😀

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