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  • Wasn't it lovely out today!! What did you get up to?
  • Got on my bike with no idea of where id go or how far I wanted to do, but clocked up 50 miles – it was a bit warm though and I found myself hoping it would rain. Got excited at one point only to realise id ridden into a cloud of bits blown off a tree – not rain as id hoped!

    Awesome day though 🙂

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    All my favourite local stuff – 40-odd miles of Dales fun.


    Nice fast 60miler for me today.
    50miles of which were dry … the last 10miles were the wettest 10miles I have ever done.
    Still – lovely day for it.

    Premier Icon Drac

    I walked down the street to get something for my tea tonight for work but I forgot it’s peak of the tourist season and they’d cleared all but 1 of the best pies out. Then I cam home and managed 1 hours worth of sleep. hooray for nights.


    30 sunny miles and a beer at the end of a loop around Goring

    Went to the world trials championship near Penrith.
    Stunning weather/scenery & amazing riding. Top day!!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Went up caberston for an explore, horrible muggy warm and sweaty for the first half, thunderstorm for the second half. Still it’s nice to have some variety and my car is very clean.


    I have the nephews around for the weekend so we played out on the beech.. Off to Cowes tomorrow to fettle the boat ready for a week of racing..

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Finished our drive out to Verbier. Cant wait to hit the trails.


    50.3 miles on the road bike. I’m now sporting a lovely jersey tan.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    In the spirit of ignoring the weather forecast I went for a lovely ride around the Surrey Hills, will plea of dust coming off both wheels, sun in the sky and a record 3 ice creams each we did 30 miles and lots of hills and singletrack.

    All jolly fab and stuff.

    Hope you have has a good day out – what did you get up to?


    Nursed a saltaire brewery hangover, biked over for the car at lunch.


    Hilly 75 on the road. Ace.

    Premier Icon roger_mellie

    3 hours out rolling along, up and down the Marlborough Downs. A walker held the gate open for me coming off Cherhill Down 🙂

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    riding cannock from 0745 before the heat and brummie chavs turned up, beer and ice cream this afternoon before the storm hit. currently watching the rain wash away all the dust 😐


    A swift 15 miles with a 1000ft climb on the MTB.

    the descent was more enjoyable than the climb


    No biking, due to ManCave construction! 😉

    Premier Icon trout

    tidied my shed up and fired up the brewery to make 40 pints of Old Speckled Hen taste a likey clone

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    It’s 36C out there
    OD’ed on Ice Cream and Ice Lollies and finished of fixing up the bike
    Gonna have to do that test ride first thing tomorrow when it’s only 27C – least I can get back in time for F1 and MTB WC DH

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Dawn surf before the tourists arrived. Home for breakfast with the family.

    20 mile explore on the mtb this afternoon scoping out new routes.

    Tired now

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Edale + jacobs ladder, we saw many Gnarists, anyone from here?


    Fitted several Satellite systems for Dole scum and had a nice cup of warm milk with a hint of coffee 😥


    Went to Cannock which was surprisingly quiet and fell off ten minutes into the ride removing most of the skin from my right knee…I then rode like a bit of a Doris after that. Hopefully the rain that is falling now (accompanied by the odd clap of thunder) will wash some of the dust away and make the trails a bit grippier.

    It’s been a bad week for accidents…a chap I was riding with last week crashed into a tree after overshooting a jump and broke four vertebrae. A bumped into his mate at Cannock today who said that another of his mates was taken away by ambulance this morning.

    Premier Icon smett72

    Had an lazy ride out in the Lakes. Elterwater, Tilberthwaite and Coniston area.

    Premier Icon njee20

    A nice 50 miles in the Surrey Hills for me! Nice the rain had made no difference to the trails. Less good I forgot to really drink anything and died a horrible death someway from home!

    48 miles on the bike, flown a kite with my three year old, then took her to play pooh sticks and paddle in the river in Monsal Dale, and finished off with a walk to watch the rabbits in Cressbrook dale 🙂

    Premier Icon Simon

    Rode along the canal from Bingley to Thackley and then did a Buck Woods, Dawson Wood, Calverley, Esholt loop and then back along the river to Saltaire and home through Hirst Wood.
    Went out after the rain and my gloves were soaked pretty quickly from the undergrowth, at the end of my ride my hands were wrinkled like I’d been in the bath too long.


    Field archery all day in the sun 🙂 As we left the woods it started to rain.

    Epic! scores, loads of kills 🙂


    45 threshold miles on the road bike. It wasn’t pleasant, but enjoying the ache now.

    Premier Icon grey

    Had a nice ride around Mabie red and some of the off-piste, very tired legs now and it was a bit too humid.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    63 mile mainly off road ride for me. Hogs back, to Farnham via Godalming and Elstead, up to Caesers camp, fleet pond, couple of short laps of minley, blackwater path to canal and the over tunnel hill and home. As build up for torq 12; I just want to get some experience of long hours rather than absolute miles, so that was just under 6 hours actual riding and about 6 and a quarter hours of out time

    Premier Icon scrank32

    27 miles in North Wales. Some great natural techy stuff around Llyn Cowlyd and Capel Curig, followed by the 2nd half of the Marin Trail.

    Smashed in Dalbeatie with fantastic weather.

    Get home and its amber weather warning for the north east, believe it when I see it


    3 or so hours in the Wyre, lovely cool afternoon with great trails, peeing it down now mind

    ron jeremy

    40 mile local road loop, with a front tyre blow out at the start of a fast descent off The Bwlch, food and beer at Afan Lodge, started off in the sun, came home in the rain but with huge grins on our faces….

    Premier Icon adsh

    Long 60m mtb loop..Ditched the heart monitor and went off perceived effort which anded up being hard but a lot faster. Forecast was for lots of rain – got baking sun.


    Good time on dartmoor(always a good time at dartmoor)


    Was having lunch in Alicante Marina


    Had a great road ride round Arran , weather was stunning and the route was great . I’d recommend It to anyone just turn up really early for the ferry as it was stupidly busy.

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