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  • Washing soft shell…. Terrified content….
  • DrP

    So I got this lovely jacket the other day..

    Warm, comfy, nice fit…
    It’s now covered in mud, and I want to remedy that.
    The instructions say cool wash only.
    However, googling seems to suggest fancy proofing products that look like they’ll cost about £10 per wash!!

    I’ve had a quick search on here, but not a great deal comes up…

    So STW…how would you wash this jacket? I’m not keen on dropping a tenner a ride on cleaning products!


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    several choices;

    1) take it in the shower and just rinse it off a bit

    2) bung it in the machine with persil non bio and accept you’ll need to reproof it more regularly

    3) buy some nikwax/grangers wash and use that and reproof it slightly less often – £20 bottle does a few dozen washes.

    I go for the second option as I like to wash my stuff after every ride.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Use soap flakes, much kinder to dwr

    Premier Icon andycs

    Halo sports wash and re-proof with Nikwax when needed.


    Most soft shell kit needs a cool tumble dry after washing to restore the water repellency.

    If in doubt wash with soap flakes, wash again using a proofing agent, then cool tumble dry. You can usually undo any cock ups by washing aagain. They are quite robust


    bung it on a cool delicate wash without any detergent.


    Hang it in the garage until the mud dries, then shake it to get the worst off and use again. Works for me

    Premier Icon thepurist

    Dri Pack Liquid Soap Flakes, available from an internet near you. Or Boots/Tesco ordinary soap flakes which are a tiny bit more faff to use.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Clothes treated with DWR can be washed a fair few times in the appropriate cleaner before needing reproofing. You can use soap flakes or Tekwash or whatever. I think the stuff Assos make is pretty good. It’s £10 for a 250ml bottle but you only need a small capful and it’s incredibly effective.

    But if you are worried just brush it off, or even just don’t get it muddy in the first place. When I want to ride with a waterproof I put a rear mudguard on. Which isn’t very often tbh.

    I use softshell a lot but it’s not DWR proofed and never has been. Works very well, can be washed as normal.

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