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  • nickfry228

    Right then.
    I was at Bike Park Wales, hooning down Sixtapod, when near the bottom I hit a slightly off camber turn at the bottom of a dip. Next thing I know the back wheel is all over the place, bringing me to a rather abrupt halt.
    I looked at the rear wheel and immediately thought that I’d buckled it, but it wasn’t the wheel but the tyre. I deflated it, unseated it and inflated and it was exactly the same.
    I pushed it to the mechanics in the centre and without looking at it he said/asked whether it was a Maxxis which it is (a 2.4Ardent less than 3 months old, and it is now written off).
    I’ve never heard of this before?!
    Anyone else had a Maxxis do this?

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    A brand new 2.3 Minion.

    Ironically on Sixapod about 2 months ago !!!

    £40 tyre shagged.


    Continental Mountain King Protection here, new one it was too.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    I’ve done it with both spesh and maxxis tyres, the spesh one was unrideable, the maxxis not so bad. Just yer luck unfortunately.


    Maxxis shorty went the same way for me

    My lad with a 2.3 (?) Advantage, keeps scrubbing the swingarm on his Stumpy.

    He actually reported back to his supplier who gave him a refund.

    tops 5

    Yep Minion DHF on the back when hitting the transition off a steep


    Yep, a HR2

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Had 2 Conti X Kings go wobbly JRA.
    My Rock Razor has got a bit of a kink in it after a clumsy descent of Rushup a couple of weeks ago, but still rideable.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    I have done 4 Specialized tyres in similar ways now.


    In all my years of riding, I’ve never heard of this.
    Interesting to hear that I could a refund though.

    Premier Icon joat

    A nobby nic, but to be fair it was near enough a semi-slick by then.

    I’ve buckled nearly all my tyres (wheels true up tyres never do) from various different brands, all have remained ridable but a bit wonky.

    I assume the casing gets stretched and damaged from heavy off camber landings as I can’t remember them being buckled from new, although I wouldn’t rule it out, having experienced how inconsistent and bad quality MTB components seem to be across the board, bar a few exceptions.

    Premier Icon momo

    Had it with a brand new supergravity Hans Dampf, lasted one day at Antur Stiniog

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Nickfry. My suspicion is this is a tubeless ready tyre and/or big landings issue.

    Personally I am fairly heavy and not great at jumping (not a big feature of my usual rides) so I run lightish tyres tubeless and accept I may stuff one maybe two a year. Never recall doing this with a tube in due maybe to the support they give.


    Warranty it.

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    My front 2.3 HR2 same, looked like rim. Wasn’t, it’s only a little warped so I’ve left it on for the winter

    Half the stuff ‘we’ buy for MTBing isn’t fit for service.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    You guys all/ mostly running tubeless?

    Just curious. Not trying to turn it into a tube vs tubeless discussion! 🙂


    Yes, I’m running tubeless.
    Interesting garage-dweller that you mention big landings; we’d just done “50 shades of black” which is pretty full on.
    I couldn’t turn the wheel, so it’s written off unfortunately

    Premier Icon bluearsedfly

    I did it with a brand new Maxxis Advantage.

    Remounted the tyre back at home after a burp on a ride where I had to use a tube. The tyre wouldn’t seal it was that out of shape.

    Managed to get it to seal at home with the compressor, the loose wheel was stood in the kitchen before the tyre blew clean off the rim.

    It’s pretty amazing how much mess just 2oz of Stans can make.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    By big I think I should have said big or squiffy or both. I am not gnar enough to have busted one landing straight but get the bike a bit off straight on landing and add some weight and in my case an almost complete absence of finesse and it’s job done.


    Not saying I’m super ‘hench’ (as my daughter would say), but I recently did this with bare ‘ands (said in an angry Bristol Pirate accent !)

    Replaced a Spesh’ Butcher after fixing a spoke (with internal nipples) and thought I’d be clever and just stare at the tyre levers on the floor as I used brute force to pull and push the tyre on.

    After walking round like a smug Mrs Doyle from Father Ted for 10 mins the ensuing clown wobble from my back tyre soon wiped the grin off my face !!! 😳


    Killed an Ardent in the same way at Inners


    my Minion DHF on the rear went the same way. I think the bead must get mangled.


    Well, it’s not just me then. I had a wobbly wheel, took the tyre off, check for true, all good. “How odd!”, I thought. Put the tyre back on, all wobbly again.
    New tyre, all good.
    True story, happy ending!

    (Old tyre = Spesh, new tyre = Maxxis)


    Conti X King went during a race. Thought I’d buckled the rim as was buzzing the seat stays.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    I had this with a MK II Protection running tubeless, I only hopped off a kerb.


    yup…burped a HR off my rear coming up slightly short on a jump…tyre went back on but its never been quite the same shape and seal wise…luckily it was at the end of its life….


    I did this to a Conti Mountain king protection. Leisure lakes warrantied it for me.

    Not quite the same, but I managed to break the bead on a fatbike tyre, 20psi to seat it and BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!, no bead left.

    Premier Icon edhornby

    sometime the threads in the carcass break but it’s pretty rare nowadays, it’s usually when they are old and often bikes that live outside

    Premier Icon votchy

    Had this with 2 brand new Continental Rubber Queen Black Chilli Tubeless tyres, both sent back and replaced under warranty and guess what, the replacements did the same!!!

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