Warning to Baildon resident's

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  • Warning to Baildon resident's
  • Quick message to say we’ve just had the local PCSO over to warn us a couple of house’s got targeted last night by burglars. Didn’t get into one house but managed to get into the garage of another. Dark night’s bring them out I suppose.

    Just double checked the garage and car, suggest anyone in the village does the same and keeps an eye out!

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    Apparently Cullingworth got targeted last night too

    edit : Wednesday night

    Baildon resident’s what? 😉


    There’s been a spate of it been happening for about 4 weeks now. Bloke few doors round from us got his big posh Audi nicked, numerous garages and sheds broken in to.

    Unfortunately that’s what happens when the council move some of the least desirable druggies/idiots in to a council estate below the bank, next to the city’s most affluent area. Apparently its social integration.


    follow my advice and get out of Bradford while you still can!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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