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  • Warning: E13 rear hubs
  • Premier Icon Trimix

    Just dont buy one, save your money and sanity.

    I had a new one on my bike, within a few months I had to tighten the preload up pretty much every 2-3 rides.
    Then at about 6 months later the bearings went.
    LBS replaced them and tried to sort the preload issue.
    A few rides later the preload was loose.
    A few rides later the gears changed themselves under load.
    After several hours of me trying to sort the shifting, buying a new hanger, checking cables, mechs etc I gave up.
    LBS checked everything, turns out the alloy (monkey metal) spacers inside were worn.
    So the whole thing wobbled under load.
    E13, after being chased hard by the LBS, replace these with “improved” versions.
    So basically the original ones didnt work.
    They also replace the bearings as these were wearing out again.
    This was just before Xmas.
    I went on holiday, came back to the crap weather and managed about 3 rides – bearings worn again to the point I have rear wheel steering.

    Its washed with a bucket, brush and sponge FFS.

    When you pull it apart you can see the seals are completely useless. They wouldn’t even keep a damp dew out, never mind a British day in the woods.

    So to stop me going mad and stop my LBS laughing at me when I turn up with my rear wheel every few weeks, a nice new DT Swiss hub has been ordered.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Is it cartridge or loose bearings mate?

    Sounds a bit crap either way but I’m just curious.


    I had a set of e13 wheels on a capra, were garbage, would not buy anything from that company, not even a chain guide.


    Had E-13 hubs specced standard on my Canyon, rear hub axle snapped after about 12 months, in all fairness to E-13 I emailed them as I didn’t want to spend £80 on an axle kit, they sent a free axle kit out, modified one too, don’t know if it’s any better as soon after that I built up some EX511’s on Pro4’s, but I have kept them as spares.

    Premier Icon Trimix

    Poopscoop, Cartridge bearings.

    Its like they made it for use only in dry conditions and only tested it for an afternoon.

    My Capra has DT Swiss hubs, brilliant, 4 years no issues. The Jeffsy is the one with E13. Shame they stopped using DT.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    I honestly think some companies build the like of hubs only to be used in those mythical, dry, dusty trails you see in bike adverts….forgetting the mucky reality in many countries like the

    Premier Icon Trimix

    Well they may be some truth in that for some American companies. They just dont ride trails in the wet.

    Premier Icon winston

    If I were running a bike shop in the UK, I think I’d be a bit careful what I was stocking. Fit for purpose and all that.

    I mean where are all your customers going to ride most of the time? Its not Moab is it?

    A good shop will guide its customers to buy what will benefit them most in what they are looking to do. No one wants to spend a load of cash on something unsuitable – but then a non-riding mate of mine went into his local LBS for a general purpose XC sort of thing and came out with a Giant Reign…….160mm of travel? Yeah thats really what he needed! So I guess there is a way to go.


    I have two purchasing rules in life:
    – Don’t buy a car from anywhere near Keighley
    – Don’t buy anything e13 branded.

    Both will end in tears.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    The rims are awesome to be fair, heard nothing but bad things about the rear hubs though.

    Premier Icon julians

    Just for a bit of balance, I have an e13 rear hub on my capra and it’s been fine, nearly 2 years old, used (and abused),in all Conditions

    Premier Icon RicB

    They’re a bit rubbish aren’t they

    I had similar problems with the axle coming loose. Taking the rear bolt-thru axle out to remove the back wheel seems to unscrew the hub axle. I sorted it with a load of loctite.

    Sealing doesn’t seem toooo bad, bearings in mine have lasted 2 years with only one seal-off n regrease.

    Oh dear, the most hated and rage inducing combination, expensive and shit!

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