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  • Warm Fuzzy Music
  • Chilled stuff that unwrinkles the furrowed brow of the beast.

    These for me what ya got?



    @ Malvern – Been listening for the last hour or so very nice, feet up headphones on, hailstone bouncing off the windows.





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    As soon as I saw this thread I thought of this track, then when I looked for it I discovered that the artist died last year.
    RIP Michael Kandel aka Tranquillity Bass.

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    Ooh I like this thread. Haven’t heard of most of this stuff, and not a duff track!

    Great posts 🙂

    Another slice of velvet:




    Radiohead and Trumpton. That’s going to be a relax-fest, isn’t it?


    Brilliant video that!

    Brian Eno – Deep Blue Day

    Chilling teh boots.


    Who let the dogs out.


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    Lemon jelly – space walk


    highly recommend, BT – This binary universe,

    I’ve regularly listened to this album over the last ten years, seems to grow on you. Probably one of the best electronic chillout albums ever produced.

    Standout tracks, Good Morning Kaia

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    all that makes us human continues

    However I can also recommend listening through the whole album.

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    I just went “Oh cool, someone posted Scottish Widows”, then realised it was me. I’m so smart.

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)

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