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  • Cosstick

    Went to Wareham forest for the first time yesterday, it was nice but is there any good singletrack to be had there ?

    From the train station i took the road up to the main car park and tried following the sika trail signpost, but within 10mins i ended up taking all different turn offs which looked interesting, most weren’t and were very sandy, but spent a good 2 hours getting lost !

    So does anyone know where the good stuff is ? I did find a few jumps and stuff over by the houses in Sandford but not really what i was after!


    Not really much else out there in the way of single track! just a few little sections off the main tracks and its all sandy !! Sorry


    Thats what i though, i think i did a few laps of bridleways and tracks and couldn’t spot much!

    Im looking for somewhere good to ride which isn’t too far from Wool station and not to far from the destination station as i dont have transport for my bike !

    What about Moreton, Puddletown or Poole?



    Puddletown, good for DH – quite a bit there…….


    +1 for Puddletown. Loads of singletrack, jumps and some good DH there.


    Actually there is some reasonable singletrack in wareham forest if you know where to look, i haven’t been since last summer but if i remember correctly there are many small sections which you can link together by crossing over the fire roads etc but you do need to know where to look.

    I rode in there first time for years last month and found some good stuff off the B3075 on the right as you come out from sanford when the forest 1st starts and they were building abit more.The other side isnt that great.

    Last night I did Wareham Forest with the Dorset Rough Riders.

    gpx file HERE

    Like most forests, the ST is there if you know where to find it.


    Yep loads of good stuff in the forest but you’ll need someone to show you where it is…


    Thanks for the map dave, i think thats where i went wrong, i spent all my time on the left of the 3075 and only found the other side after getting lost and ending up at the car park right at the top of it, and didn’t fancy getting lost that side!

    Think i will go back and spend my time over there, and take a map with me as well !

    I also think a trip to puddletown sounds worthwhile as well,

    Thanks for the info all

    Do Puddletown early in the day, it gets a lot of families & dog-walkers later on and some of the trails are narrow and it’s easy to nearly end up colliding.
    If you like some DH action, UK Bike Park is nearby too.
    Various mags have routes for The Purbecks as well. Often sandy though, which annoys me!

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