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  • stubido

    Having built up a small hardtail, with a 50mm stem, for my 5’1″ girlfriend, I can tell you that ‘small’ won’t be small enough!
    I was kindly informed that women have proportionately shorter bodies and longer legs than men.
    And also that her legs weren’t ‘stumpy’ and were quite long for her height.
    The second bike is a 14″ with high seatpost.
    In summary, by ‘cotic’ sizes, you need an XS.
    If you don’t believe me you can have my mk1 BFe, post and clamp
    £165 posted.

    Need a small, cheap hardtail, preferably women-specific. Needn’t be anything fancy – even something with v-brakes will be fine. Just needs to fit someone who’s 5feet tall.



    elaine anne

    How cheap are we talking roughly…ive a specialized hardtail, updated a few stuff brakes ..gears etc. i even went,all out and had better forks put on cos didnt like the ones that came with it ..lol.. its been stored away not ridden..the frame is in great condition….im only 5ft small so my hardtail is a 13 inch frame..bronze colured with a minty colored design on it …it has sram x7 gears on it..no pedals cos i put them on my other bike…the front shock is rock shock recon race

    elaine anne

    Oh race face stem too lol

    elaine anne

    its a 2008 year…very good condition….no major falls so no dents…i upgraded to a full sus and bought a road bike so the hardtail hasnt been ridden for ages…

    Premier Icon firestarter

    Hi mate my Mrs has a women’s specific specialized hardrock sport disc it’s a 2006 but got used about five times and has been I’m garage since , standard spec including hardly worn tyres lol very very good Nick, 13″ frame it was the only oneI could find to fit her at 5′ and a bit and believe me we tried loads. Can do pics if your interested in the morning


    Eyup dude,

    Would a 14″ inbred fit the bill? Pretty much immaculate condition, in a lovely translucent red colour.
    my missus uses it, and she’s only a smidge over 5ft.

    I’ll drop you an email with more info.

    Thanks for the replies, people.

    Elaine anne, yours sounds a little bling for our/her needs, but drop me a line and let me know what sort of £££s you’re looking for.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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