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  • Want to make a little girl happy and win a Troy Lee Jersey???
  • ti_pin_man

    fabulous, donated and shes met her target, chappeau dan.

    Cheers wonkey_donkey!!!

    Gold star ti_pin_man!!

    Hey all,

    My little girl has decided to cut her stupidly long hair off so she can donate it to the little Princess Trust. This charity was set up to make wigs for children with health problems which can range from cancer treatment to alopecia.

    I’m extremely proud of her not only because I know how much she loves her long locks but mainly because she’s 7 and decided to do this all herself!!

    Each wig costs up to £500 to be made by the charity so as well as donating her locks she’s also trying to raise some money whilst she’s at it. She’s almost there now and very close to the £500 she wanted to raise so I’m having a last push in the hope we can put a smile on her face as big as the lucky child that will end up with a 20″ wig!

    I know times are tight and I’m not one to come on here asking people so as an incentive I’ve got a brand new Troy Lee Designs short sleeve jersey that I’ll give to one lucky donatee. So if you’ve got a couple of quid in your paypal account and fancy a new jersey it’d be awesome if you could help out.
    You might get a cool jersey for a bargain price or worse case scenario you’ve made a child very happy and ultimately karma will swing around when you bump into that hot girl / boy you see every few weeks.

    Donations can be through her justgiving page here….

    If you make a donation, post on here saying so and I’ll get her to conjure up a prize draw for the jersey later!!

    Joanna Rowsell is also ambassador for the Little Princess Trust if you need any further tenuous cycling links!!!

    The suns shining on Pyro’s and he’s in the drawer!

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Well done that girl, donated!

    ^ Good man.

    Premier Icon wonkey_donkey

    welcome, and well done her!


    What a nice kid you have there. I’ve just donated a bit.

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    Great idea and a great kid you have there, donated.

    Thanks muchly Bluebird & Alphabet!!

    I do love the kindness of strangers!

    Just noticed there’s an anonymous donation on there. Make sure you either put your name on there or here so I don’t miss anyone off the prize drawer!


    Such a great thing to do. donation paid over. and I’ve spread the link around a few people at work and others, they may not be into cycling but that’s not the point here is it.
    keep up the good work

    Premier Icon phil56

    Great thing for your daughter to be doing – Glad to be able to donate and help her efforts

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    you must be very proud dan

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    I’ve been growing my hair since I was a baby and now its so long it covers my bottom!!

    I have a similar problem with hair covering my bottom, maybe I should get a wax! Donation made in compensation for poor taste 🙂

    Thanks for the support Anthony.
    Phil, Spawn, Rubber your all gonna win big on the lottery at some point!!*

    You think i’d raise as much if I veet’d my butt rubber_buccaneer?

    (* disclaimer. This may or may not happen)

    A great cause. Well done little one.

    Have donated.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Done 🙂 (Richard)


    what a great thing for your daughter to do. If i were lucky enough to win the t-shirt, please sell it and use the money to buy your daughter something nice.


    Matt liston

    Unsponsored, bear & Marp all onboard and have helped to get us past £700!!!!
    Wow amazing stuff everyone. Evie’s well chuffed and so thankful to you all!!

    Just donated.
    You must be very proud to have such a kind and unselfish daughter.
    Hope she enjoys the haircut!

    Premier Icon vondally

    Hello just donated, well done Evie!

    Excellent work peeps.
    Thank you muchly chopper and vondally!!
    Evie is loving the messages of support and giggling to herself at all of your funny names!

    Premier Icon easygirl

    Just et a donation, well done to her


    Just donated mate , what a little star you’ve got there !

    Thanks easygirl and crapjumper.
    The totals doing amazingly. We have also received a few offline donations so could even hit over £1000 when all done. Astounding!!
    I’ll leave the drawer until Sunday eve in case we get any last minute donations and Evie want to conjure up some method of selecting that currently includes the dog 😕

    Thanks everyone once again!


    friendly bump

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    To note, I won’t be giving the jersey away if I win 🙂

    How much inc offline is she away from £1k?

    £783.00 Online
    maybe £100.00 offline but I’ll try and get these online over the weekend.
    I reckon she’s very close now. Theres also a couple of boxes we made up at the school and the hairdressers who’d doing the chop so should hopefully get a few quid from there as well.
    Add to that the £185.25 in gift aid additions currently online and it might even be on its way to £1500.00 which is quite frankly crazy!!!

    The girls doing good!

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    She’s doing great and such a lovely mind that wants to do such a thing. You must be ridiculously proud!

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    that is awesome!

    Depending who your employer is they may match fund at least part of the fundraising that’s taken place
    A lot of places don’t advertise it

    What a smashing cause! What a thoughtful girl you have!


    Good girl. Fiver in.


    What a lovely thing to do. I’m in!

    Premier Icon lungman

    Great job donated

    Doffs hat to Jef, Shifter, Jkomo & Lungman.

    Thanks one and all!

    Premier Icon convert

    What a nice thing to do 🙂

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Well, how did it go today?!

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Don’t know about the hair cut but the running total appears to have hit that magic 1k figure 😉

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