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  • Walking up Snowdon
  • donks

    Today we walked the Watkins path to the summit…. After 2 aborted attempts due to bad weather we came back and climbed the bloody thing. We set off from the car park in near torrential rain and I was pretty much soaked after the first hour, the next hour the rain was replaced by a snow blizzard, which to be fair was better, we got held up near the top scree slope by some very slow and scared walkers literally inching their way up so pushed on to the summit and was greated to 40-50 mile an hour winds, about 2 or more inches of snow and some treacherous ice, plus some awesome freezing mist, my gloveless hands lost all feeling at this point except for a burning pain (wife had on hers and my gloves

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    The weather was pretty grim today! Not my idea of fun…

    You should have gone up 2 weeks ago:

    Or even 2 days ago:


    Seriously, though, it must have taken some determination to get to the top today – fair play to you!

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    Sounds like the walkers would have been better taking the “lets go back” decision. It’s not going anywhere.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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