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  • Walking shoe recommendation
  • Boba Fatt

    What’s worth a look, properly out of my depth but my boots are dead (Hi-Tecs) and i’m starting to ease in to middle age so the skate shoes are out for a bit and it’s fleeces and that

    Merrels seem to look alright, but i don’t want to blow a load on something that’ll eventually just be used to take the dog out


    I’ve always had good experiences with Merrels.

    Berghaus have also been good.

    Bit less “outdoor kit” but my addidas trainers have also been really good GTX Terrex ones.

    Premier Icon ahsat

    North Face hedgehog. We have both had several pairs. Excellent and don’t look naff with jeans.

    Premier Icon rone

    Meindl or Zamberlan. Worth the spend.

    Having said that it’s all about the boot that is comfortable for your foot.

    Premier Icon pyranha

    The best answer is a pair from a decent brand, that fits you. I’ve got on well with certain models from the Salomon range for years. I’ve a pair of Haglofs which look nicer, but sometimes give me a bit of heel rub. And my Brashers just never felt right after the first half hour. If you’re planning to do any serious walking, get to a store stocking a few brands and try some on. An ill-fitting shoe from the ‘best’ brand is probably worse then a perfect fit from the rubbish bin. How much time and cash you spend should partly be determined by how much time (and where) you’re going to be walking in them.


    Love these kind of threads. Of the brands recommended on here, i wouldn’t go near merrell, berghaus or north face for shoes. All suffer from appalling quality control and fall to pieces with proper usage imo.

    So i think the answer is that you must find your way.

    Only reason I wear my proper boots these days is if it’s gonna be reet wet, otherwise I’d choose my saucony trail runners.


    Merrell Chameleon are my everyday shoes, comfy for me. Usually last a year or two. Though not waterproof.
    If its proper wet or muddy, I’ll wear wellies.

    Having said that it’s all about the boot that is comfortable for your foot.


    FWlittleIW, I wear these. Haglöfs Vertigo.


    I was convinced I needed a pair of Brasher boots, did all the research and they were online definitely the boots for me…Until I tried a pair on ! They just did not fit at all, luckily I was in Keswick when buying them so I was not short on choice. I ended up with a pair of Meindl boots which fit perfectly, but only found this out as the shop had a massive selection.

    So my advise….go to a shop with a lot of choice, buy some that fit.

    go a to shop with a lot of choice, buy some that fit from that shop.

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    Adidas Terrex. Fit (me) great and super light. Not so good in really heavy/wet conditions, but brilliant everywhere else.


    My Haglöfs Vertigo shoes are the most comfortable in my boot rack. I also use a pair of Adidas Terrex but these are nowhere near as comfortable.

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    61 and still wearing skate shoes AND hoodies ! ?? Talking about shoes I drive a van for work and buy walking boots but find they wear real quick with constant accelerator, brake and clutch use . Any driving shoes out there ?

    Premier Icon binners

    I’m just about to head out on to the moors to christen my new Meindl’s. I splashed out as they were in the sale and so were reduced from hideously expensive to just really expensive. I’m banking on them lasting for years though. They better bloody had!!

    They replace a set of Keens, which put in some valiant service. I’d had Merrells in the past, and always liked them, but the last pair I had fell apart in 5 minutes. I’d never buy another pair!

    Merrell are the crank bros of the walking world, they look great……


    Salomon approach shoes for any UK summer walking.

    Fell running in the winter


    Meindl for the win. I got mine for £50 in the Millets sale. Should have been £180!!! Been wearing them for a year and they still look new.

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