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  • Blackflag

    Had a nice long weekend biking in verbier planned for early july, but have just broken my collar bone at Dalby 🙁

    We were booked to fly to Geneva with easyjet and i now have the option of changing this to later in the year. I doubt my shoulder will be up for downhill stuff anytime soon so was thinking of going walking in the alps instead.

    Any suggestions as to where to go? Preferably within reasonable distance from Geneva or another easyjet destination.


    Chamonix is my fave non biking summer destination.

    Great walking a and a great place to eat and drink too.

    Premier Icon markyd

    Chamonix is nice but not spent any time anywhere else (expensive though)


    I have a soft spot for the Tirol in Austria, having lived there for a bit when I was a child.

    Walking between some of the high level huts is awesome.


    The Ecrin Park (South East of Grenoble) claims to have the best most consistantly good alpine weather and is superb for walking and outdoor persuits. I’ve been there many times climbing and mountaineering, but not low level walking.

    Premier Icon Chipbutty

    Me and the other half have just got back from a weeks hiking holiday in the Grindlewald area of switzerland and it was fantastic. 3 hr drive from Geneva. Some fantastic walking around the Eiger and Shrekhorn. If you go, Id recommend buying a swiss travel pass, gets you free travel on all the buses, trains and uplifts on gondalas, well worth it.


    seconded for Grindelwald


    Came to say Grindelwald. So thirded 🙂


    Zermatt valley is a walkers paradise – miles & miles of well signed trails in the shadow of the Matterhorn http://zermatt.ch/en/

    alpine girl

    As said above, the hut network over most of the European Alps is pretty amazing and provides nearly everything you need for multiday trips in the mountains. Depending on what you like, this can be a lot nicer than going on day hikes from the same location – carrying just a spare set of clothes, eating/drinking/sleeping at a different hut each night.

    I haven’t done too much, but the Karwendel (south of Munich), the Stubai Alps (just south of Innsbruck), and the Julian Alps (in Slovenia) are all nice locations.

    Premier Icon cuckoo

    Was in Vorarlberg (west Austria) in May and can recommend this area too.

    Premier Icon kennyp

    The Tour de Mont Blanc is nice, though you may end up jealous you’re not biking it. It’s about a 10 day hike I think.


    Nice one. Plenty for me to go on there. Cheers

    Another vote for Grindewald/Wengen/Lauterbrunnen!

    Had an amazing holiday there last summer – lift accessed hiking! Hike, train, hike, gondola – pick a route and do as much or as little as you want.

    You can hike the Eiger trail or catch a train up inside the mountain and peer out down the north face.

    It does get busy and is not cheap but we really enjoyed it.

    Easy access – you can catch the train direct from Geneva airport to Interlaken then up to Wengen.

    Scenery is stunning – I took this photo (click) from our bedroom! (Sorry about the pretentious border, I was playing in photoshop):

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