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  • Walking Dead Season 4 finale. SPOILERS!
  • IanW

    Probabaly something like that but overall dissapointing, more a teaser for the next season than a finale.


    Looked like cannibalism to us too…but who knows. That’s certainly what they want the viewer to think with al those bones. Room with the candles was a bit creepy.


    Its definitely cannibals they even showed the abattoir with what looked like human remains in it!
    The bigger question is where is Carol, Judith and the guy with the hammer??

    Why was there a formula packet on the floor when they got in the train car??

    I don’t think their dead they wouldn’t kill Judith without a reunion with Carl and Rick.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    So, what was going on at Terminus?

    Be and the missus think that they are cannibals. Backed up by the big BBQ that Tasha from Star Trek had on the go. Sausage anyone?


    Yeah, they’re definitely hinting at them scoffing people

    I want to see Rick go batshit mental again. I though the episode was on the whole good, but not a finale by any means. Seeing Ricks degeneration into a monster after showing him finding his humanism in the flashbacks was a nice touch, but should’ve been done in the last but one episode so that he could get all medieval on people.

    Hopefully when Tyreese shows up next season it’ll be hammer time!!

    I don’t want to watch the next season, but I will no doubt end up doing so and feeling slightly pissed off after every episode


    I think the formula milk is to sweeten the meat.
    Human veal farming.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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