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  • Walking boots for “severely” flat feet..
  • Premier Icon pandhandj
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    Evening all, can anyone recommend some boots for severely flat feet? I basically don’t have any instep at all. The podiatrist keeps giving me insoles, which range from no affect at all, to excruciating.

    I have read that Merrells Moab 2 are good for this, but thought I’d ask the massive…

    Not for anything too big.. just local walks with the dog etc. Won’t be wearing them for days on end. I have a local 14 miler which I enjoy, but rarely do as my feet end up wrecked…

    Thanks in advance,


    Premier Icon fatbikedog
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    I have planters faciaitus and Merrell Moabs make my feet ache after a while, they don’t have enough support and are not really a walking boot but a glorified trainer. Walking boot wise I have Brashers. A pair of the traditional leather ones, Hillmaster, and a more recent cordura type ones. They are both wonderfull. The older leather ones have a goretex membrane and vibram soles but can be hot in the summer. The other more modern ones have a membrane but not gortex, they are cooler.

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    For problem feet, have you considered going to other way?

    Try some correct toes to increase the strength of the foot muscles and then try barefoot type shoes allowing the feet to work as they should.

    I wear vivobarefoot tracker fg for dog walking – works a treat.

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    What do you expect a specific shoe to do that an insole can’t?

    Genuinely curious, as I’ve had very good results from insoles. My feet are probably not as bad as yours though.

    Premier Icon pandhandj
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    Thanks for the input guys, I will look at the suggestions.

    Chakaping, no idea really, just would like to walk further, before feet below up. Been seeing podiatrist for years, last time he basically said he can’t help me. Just looking for opion from others with flat feet. I can’t be the only one like this!

    I’ve done everything the podiatrist recommended… The last set (biggest instep?) Were **** torture! That’s when he washed his hands of me…

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
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    Inov8 tend not to have much arch support

    These are a bit of a bargain.


    Premier Icon CountZero
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    Surely most shoes/boots have a fairly flat footbed, relying on an insole for support, as no two feet are alike?

    Premier Icon pandhandj
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    Hey Count, not sure what your point is? I basically don’t have an arch/instep. If I walk any distance (with or without insoles) my feet end up being ripped apart – blisters like something from Apocalypse Now! Podiatrist says this is due to my flat feet (my Dad was excused national service, due to his flat feet!). With the wealth of knowledge on here, I thought I’d a see if any one could suggest a pair of boots I didn’t know about…

    Premier Icon crikey
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    I’ve got crap feet; the comfiest boots I’ve found are the MOD standard issue HAIX combat high liability squaddie boots.

    Find a decent Army surplus shop and try a pair; they sell for about £45.

    Premier Icon 40mpg
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    I have very flat feet and had a lot of pain after 8 or 10 miles. Then got some salomon boots which have a bit of arch but also good ankle support. Can do 20 plus miles now without too much discomfort.

    Also my physio had me doing a lot of core and quad strengthening which helped with pain in my feet and calves on long walks.

    Like These

    Premier Icon epicyclo
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    I have very flat feet. I have rarely found shoes or boots that fit comfortably, ie anything wide enough is long enough to be flippers.

    I spent a lot of my childhood in bare feet and in my teens I used to run for miles barefoot so I don’t know if that contributed to the problem.

    But recently I have been suffering burning sensations in the ball of my foot after a few miles. I got temporary relief from a pair of Skechers which extends the pain free distance, but doesn’t prevent it.

    Personally I reckon making compromises on shoe fit has wrecked my feet, but I’ve never found anything wide enough.

    Got an appointment with the foot doc on Wednesday, so I’ll know more.

    What I do know is getting my shoes off is better than wearing them, and if I had thicker soles on my feet I’d go barefoot. In the meantime, long live Crocs. 🙂

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    Sounds like a nightmare OP, I do feel for you having had occasional foot problems myself.

    Hope you can at least ride without issue.

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator
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    Depending on how bad the problem is you can go all the way and have custom made at At-Berg – based in Richmond, N. Yorks. They also do a wide range of off the peg fits. Info on their website. The custom fit does involve going to the factory.

    Premier Icon swedishmatt
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    I don’t have flat feet but I do have insoles .

    Altra = Superwide toebox. I don’t know if that helps our not.

    Premier Icon riklegge
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    Pandhandj, where abouts on your foot do you get the blisters? And with the insoles you were provided by the podiatrist, were any better than others? Do you tend to find that lower / less pronounced instep support works better?

    This happens to be an area of expertise for me, feel free to message me if you want a more detailed (ie probably long winded and boring!) discussion but I might be able to offer some help.

    Premier Icon bfebikerchap
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    I have pretty flat feet, years ago, when training for a marathon I saw a podiatrist who made some custom orthotics, they supported my foot into an arch. Trained for, and ran a marathon on them. Chap also recommended using green super feet insoles. These are bloody good too and I’ve managed many walking holidays and long runs with these in various shoes.
    I’d listen to your podiatrist. Or go to a different one if you’re not getting results

    Premier Icon chrisdw
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    So you have flat feet and the podiatrist recommends supporting them which further increases your reliance on support?

    The people recomending barefoot or low drop, wide toe box shoes definitely have something.
    The more you support your feet and ankles, the more they rely on that and therefore the weaker they get. Using the muscles in your feet and getting them to support themselves seems like the best way to sort this out. As OnzaDog also suggests.

    Spend more time barefoot, get zero drop shoes with wide toe boxes: Altra, Vivo, Lems, innov8 have a few, Merrell barefoot range, Xero, Vibram FF.

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes
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    Not answering the question op, but have you tried a pair of Birkenstocks for around the house? I suffer with crap feet, but the Birkenstocks put me right when they are sore.

    Premier Icon pandhandj
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    Thanks to all for your input. Apparently there is a place locally which can supply custom orthotics. I will give them a bell next week…

    Premier Icon MTT
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    I have completely flat feet. I now have Altberg sneekers. Revelatory. If it’s support you need, these have it in spades. I swapped the standard insole for a thin flat foam one from some trainers. Never had an issue in 5 years.

    If you go to their factory shop they’ll fit them for properly.

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