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  • Wait for Thompson dropper or buy a KS Lev?
  • I’m a bit of a Thompson fanboy but the wait is making me inpatient and the fact it’s likely to be nearly £400 will be hard for me to justify.

    Who’d just have done and get a KS Lev or will the Thompson really be worth the wait?

    Hob Nob

    Based on my experience with the (3) KS Lev’s I had, i’d rather do without a seatpost & saddle altogether.

    Although I wouldn’t wait for the Thomson either, i’d wait until the problems surfaced.


    £400 on a dropper! get a reverb or KS.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The folk I know with Levs speak of them highly. My older KS has been very good.

    With any new dropper post you should wait for it to be user tested, don’t be an early adopter- that tends to end up meaning “paying beta tester”

    HobNob, tell me your KS woes; I thought I’d narrowed it down with the Lev being one of the less troublesome droppers 😥

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    My KS Lev has been great, had a fair bit of abuse in muddy rides and still goes up and down when I want it to. I’ve not looked into maintenance for it yet but unless it’s a complete PITA I can’t see much that can be improved (apart from shedding weight). Whilst my normal posts are Thomson I wouldn’t automatically go for their v1 dropper post, not like they have much history in that sort of area do they? So you’d not only have to wait for them to be released but then wait another couple of months to see if there were any major issues.

    Reverb. You hear the odd bad story but I bet theres a LOT more Reverbs doing the rounds than any other dropper post plus extensive online knowledge and from what I understand, pretty good support if anything does go wrong.


    My LEV has had a few very muddy rides now, and ive had no problems. Build quality seems good ( no noticeable slop/waggle)feels equally as sturdy as my previous 2012 reverb.
    so far so good.

    Hob Nob

    I bought one because I was annoyed with the loopy bit on my Reverb (first world problems etc).

    The first Lev had a a lot of play & ‘knocked’ on dropping. Sent it back.

    Second one came out (2 weeks later). Had approximately 1cm play at full extension in all directions. Arguement ensued as this was apparently ‘standard manufacturing tolerances’. Sent back, offered replacement (losing faith at this point).

    Third one arrived (another 2 weeks after sending the last back). Took it out of the box & the inner tube literally fell out in my hands & it fell apart…

    Sent back, awaiting refund. Argueing over the postage also to refund the 3 posts I have had to send back (nearly £30 alone, as they needed to be insured etc).

    Put my Reverb back on, that I have never had any issue with. In fact the only Reverb issue I have had was when my wife crashed her bike & broke hers, Fishers took it back & replaced with with a brand new model, for free, in 48 hours & refunded the postage costs…

    Most of the people I ride with use the Reverb, and those few who have had issues have had them resolved, no questions asked, all within a couple of days.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Hob Nob – that is by far the worst Lev experience that I heard of. I can’t even understand how the post could develop 1 cm of play.

    Impatience got the better of me and I’ve gone for a ICE V8, not on my initial list but given the problems with droppers I find mentioned on every thread I figure £120 and a UK warranty is worth a punt for my first post.

    As I have every intention of riding it through lots of mud I’ll soon feedback if its good or not.


    My sister lives in america and is back in the uk for crimbo. Was gonna order a ks lev from bike bling delivered to her then she can bring it when she comes.
    would i then have to deal with bike bling if i had any problems with it ?

    Premier Icon JoeG

    I’m in the US and bought mine from Bike Bling. There is info here on support for various countries.

    If I were you, I’d buy it from the US and say that it was a Christmas gift from your sister if there was ever a warranty issue.

    Warranty is definitely one of the issues with buying stuff from other than your home market, though. And I can understand how an importer that did not have anything to do with something that they did not bring into the country.

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