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  • Wahey! F-Words on BBC Breakfast TV
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    Dear Daily Mail,

    I don’t pay my licence fees so that the BBC can shag me in the ears with such filth.

    Kind regards,

    Disgusted of Manchester

    Dear Daily Mail,
    Whilst I find bad language on the BBC disgusting I find the fact that some thieving vagabonds without TV licences get to view such outbursts for free.
    Whipping is too good for them!
    Disgruntled of Royal Tunbridge Wells

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Dear Daily Mail,

    Why, oh Why, Oh Why should peasants in the northern part of England receive free ear-shagging – no doubt subsidised by the rest of us in civilised areas.
    For my part, I’ve paid fair and square for every shagging of any of my orifices, however small.

    I didn’t fight in three world wars for this !

    Ever yours,
    Incensed of, well, a large part of Buckinghamshire actually.

    No idea what all this is about but it brightened my mornng. 🙂


    What was said? I’d turned away for a second and suddenly heard the apology.

    I did see an old work colleague on it this morning (on the ‘Look North’ local programme) but missed what he was on for.

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    Here it is…

    Potty mouth Christain Bale allempting to say #### 33 times on the BBC Breakfast show. He only got a couple out before it was pulled.



    To me Ms Reid look like the sort of lady who says the foulest possible things when the cameras are swithched off.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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