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  • Waddington Airshow today. Did anyone else brave the traffic?
  • Premier Icon johnhoo
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    well there’s a day of my life I’ll never get back.

    3 hours to get, what, 7 miles from the A17 to the airshow? Who on earth was in charge of traffic management? It wasn’t the police, they were too busy hiding in the shade watching the queues not moving.

    I suppose I was lucky that I could actually see the Red Arrows do their thing from a great distance 🙁

    Then the site was huge, and yet only 2 toilets & 1 burger van. For 200,000 people.

    And the flying displays? well they were ok but I can see how they managed to spread it out over 7 hours.

    “oh look dear there’s a helicopter”. wait 10 minutes. “there it is again”. wait another 10 minutes. “well I think that was it from him”. Wait another 20 minutes. “ooh look some fast jets” “yes, they were very fast, and now they’ve gone”

    couldn’t be arsed to wait for the Vulcan, if it ever turned up. Last thing I saw was the BBMF circling the airfield as we drove away

    Premier Icon esselgruntfuttock
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    Really pleased I never went then! Nearly did though.

    Premier Icon dave_rudabar
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    Am toying with the idea of going to Yeovilton next weekend as it’s 100yrs of naval flight & they’ve got a good selection of flying this year.
    Although, they often share things with Wadds. so I dunno now…!

    Premier Icon pacemaker
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    Hi John, I hear through the LMA, that the Vulcan has been grounded due to not having a 2009 show permit?.
    Glad to hear you had a good day, we had hardly any traffic on the way to Silverstone for the Renault world series.


    Premier Icon ji
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    That’s a shame -been several years (most recently in 2007) and it has been excellent!

    Premier Icon wors
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    take it this waddington lincs? bil orgnised it last year but not this.

    Premier Icon Rockhopper
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    Apparently the permit to fly has run out and the renewal application wasn’t sent in till a few days ago – it takes 20 working days to process so she won’t be flying at Yeovilton either most likley. There is also a potential issue with a corrosion inspection that needs doing.

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