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  • Rickos

    I’m going to do the W2 trail at Afan tomorrow or Friday and was wondering at what point the link diverts you off and then where does it join back in? Is it best to do Whites or The Wall as your start point?



    Start Whites as usual, after windy point turn right up fire road to the link that takes you to the top of Wall ( not sure names of Wall Sections!?), Ride the Wall and then take first climb back upt to where you started the Wall, Ride the link back to the end of Windy point on whites and Start back on the whites on the newest section Energy, complete as normal back to the ponds.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Where you start depends on which cafe you prefer and if you want to have a tea/cake stop halfway round or at the end.

    The link leaves/joins the whites at the end of windy point/start of energy, and leaves/joins the wall just before the final little uphill singletrack section before the descending starts.

    As andy says really the link is at the top of both as for which to start then consider which climb you find easier/prefer and which decent you want to be fresher for.

    Premier Icon sweaman2

    Does the link contain any single track? Is it more difficult than any of the other bits? Wondering why W2 is graded black – just for distance?

    From memory there is a bit of single track but only of the horse track type but most of it is fire road type tracks and i think it is only black on distance.


    Cheers chaps. Think I’ll start at Afan and have lunch at Glyncorrwg – much better cafe.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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