VW Type 2 Camper resto – how long/pricey is my piece of string?

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  • VW Type 2 Camper resto – how long/pricey is my piece of string?
  • Junkyard

    Never seen the appeal personally.
    Cost loads, poor to drive but like they say you can sell a pile of rust for good money

    Personally it would not be my choice of vehicle to do up.


    anyone want a project? I’ve got a bright orange aircoled T3 panel van with camper interior that needs to be off my drive. Electrical work for MOT (dash stuff mostly). Very little rust for age…

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    Still living the dream here just had to fork out £900 on getting it through its MOT needs a proper strip down will cost £15k, so this year might be its last in my ownership been fun for 6 years and great trips/memories no regrets but would like a newer van.If/when I sell it would like 9k for it bought it for 8.5K (tax exempt)
    Any offers out there 😉

    DSCF2007[1] by Richard Munro, on Flickr

    I tend to think of my camper van van as the Black Hole at the centre of a Galaxy where every atom that falls in is a pound coin…

    Still own it and love it though, even though it hardly ever runs.

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    somafunk … that is lovely 😀 had a MkII G reg 3 door GTi for nearly 14 years before we finally sold it on about 4 years ago (and yes when I see a tidy version on the road I too get a tinge of regret and go misty eyed). It was hands down the most fun car I’ve ever driven, utterly reliable, I knew every twitch and sound, it cornered like nothing else. Loved it. *sigh*


    I’d invest in it, keep it and use it. Fantastic for biking weekends away and loads comfier than a tent. Or swap it for a T3 – bit quicker and comfier.

    Had a bay, loved it, we went all over before the kids, it dissolved when we lived in Cornwall salty water rotted the bottom, seawater from boards rotted the roof, just left a band of solid metal in the middle.

    Now have the one below and just used it for a quick trip down to the trails to get Mrs Cat back on the bike after her back op – would never be without one now, perfect weekend escape pod.

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    Cheers ART, it’s comments like that which reinforce my belief it was well worth the hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work and an open cheque book, no other hot hatch from that era seems to have the same fanatical following and how many Escort XR3i”s and the suchlike do you still see on the road? – back then they built VW’s to last.

    We had a cracking run yesterday afternoon, both of us with talkback headsets on so we could let rip when the road conditions allowed us free reign, totally deserted Galloway roads also help. I called into see a mate and convinced him to join me with his Lotus Exige S before he takes it off the public road for the winter, 3.5litre supercharged V6 with 350 bhp, 0-60 in well under 4seconds and onto 170mph+ in a car that weighs 1200kg, he’s got just about every option fitted including the full race pack, titanium competition exhaust which is technically for track use only but the howls from it gives me a sex-wee everytime it bounces of the rev limiter and coupled with the banshee wail of the supercharger is something that lifts every hair on your body – to hear it screaming through a certain hillside valley in the Galloway hills is awe inspiring, near to heartbreak hill btw.

    The launch control is a hoot to play with, race mode engaged, dip clutch, knock to side, bury the throttle, 3500rpm, look at the engine in the rear view mirror, take a deep breath, compose yourself and release clutch…….. “holy f-cuking christ”, an absolute hoot to drive and so composed you can hold a drift (on a decent surface) at silly speeds whilst feeling 100% in control, shame it’s costs well over £60,000 in this configuration and he has had a few niggles with it regarding the gearbox initially but lotus came to collect it and left him a baby elise (but tuned to the bollox) to play with. He got the car back 3 days later with a free VIP invitation to the Lotus track day where the Lotus racing drivers take you out and coach you followed by full champagne hospitality.

    It eats tyres when pushed or drifted and he’s got semi-slicks on it so it’s dry weather use only, surprisingly he gets almost the same mpg as i do when we both push it, low 20’s but he’s got twice the power so i think it’s fantastic for what it is. We’re heading to the Nurburgring sometime next year with a few of his mates (RS8, SWB Audi S4 Dialynx, Lancia Delta S4 tarmac set-up) all being trailered on a transporter including my little Golf, should be amusing to see them together Ha-Ha. They’re not all my mates btw, they’re his but they’ve all been involved in Motorsport in one way or another and not all super rich by any means but they have their priorities in life sorted out and are so down to earth compared to some folk.

    If i manage to get him out again before it goes off the road i’ll fit the Go-Pro HD cameras and upload a vid – it’s impossible to describe the acceleration unless you can experience it but a vid will give you an idea.

    Any so called supercar is considered lardy and unresponsive compared to this thing, and for me if i had £60,000 to spend i’d buy one in a heartbeat, so what if it is totally impractical as a daily driver?, life’s to short to be practical.

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