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  • Vw transporter tailgate bike racks
  • damascus
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    Having had a LWB t5 campervan for the last 13 years I’ve just bought a vw t5.1 SWB campervan and my bike no longer fits behind the drivers seat and the bed.

    The van has a tow bar and electrics but before I buy a better bike rack (mines ancient) I have been considering a permanent tailgate bike rack.

    Just wondered how people have found these compared to a tow bar rack?

    The two I’ve seen that I like are:



    Do they damage your paint work?

    Do they get in the way of the rear window view?

    Are they secure?

    Thank you

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    I’ve got a permanent tailgate on my T6. Not the same as the one you show, I have one of these (or very similar)
    It’s left on all the time. Mine is a swb T6. Don’t really notice it’s on, I don’t have parking cameras just the sensors, even when the rack is folded up I just account for an extra 50cms or there abouts. Never had any issues with it.
    Very easy to use. Being a shorty I do have a small step to stand on when loading bikes. It’s a 4 bike carrier, I’ve had 3 large 29er on there. Probably could get a 4th with a bit of moving things around.
    Ah, just remembered I had one issue, the stock rod and gaskets on the tailgates had to be replaced after one of them broke, with the replacements the tailgate is very easy to open. (We don’t open it with bikes on)

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    Just to add, you can’t really see out of the rear when it’s loaded, but being a van I tend to use the mirrors more anyway.
    Ours is very secure. I do use a tea towel where the grippers hold the top tube, just to stop any marks. When doing long journeys I also use a D lock and a chain lock along with the inbuilt lock. I’ve left my bikes on there at service stations whilst running in for a coffee and a quick toilet break.

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    Please Note – If your van is not a California edition, you will need to upgrade your tailgate gas struts from the standard 900N/985N gas struts to the 1130N gas struts. This will allow the now heavier tailgate to open as normal with the weight of the bicycle holder. We do, however, advise that you hold on to the factory struts and re-install them when not using the bike holder. The 1130N struts will make the tailgate difficult to shut without the bike holder installed.*

    My struts are a bit weak anyway so I was thinking of replacing them.

    I’m 6ft 3 so the height of the racks/bikes shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks @w00dster

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    Get the VW one. They are good and they look right.

    I first got a Altera one (similar price to those links) and it left me with a dented tailgate after a bolt broke. Should have stumped up for the VW to start with.

    Don’t forget you will need uprated gas struts

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    Another downside of the permanent rack is I can’t use a tailgate awning

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    Also the VW one holds the bikes in place when the tailgate is open. The one it replaced allowed them to slip upwards towards the van roof.

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    Unlike llama, the Atera Lines I have has been great. Secure, no damage, built in locks and can leave the bikes on and open the tailgate (if someone holds it up).
    I believe Atera make the VW racks.
    Doesn’t look available any more though

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    I’ve had the Atera Linea for 9 years. No issues or damage to the van. Did replace the heli tape a couple of years ago. As it takes less than 5 mins to fit I take it On and off the van if needed. Getting 3 bikes on can involve a bit of bike Jenga to avoid BB and pedals clashing.
    If you have a tailgate spoiler or chrome strip at the bottom of the tailgate it won’t fit. Once fitted it can only be removed with the tailgate open (security) unlike the VW one which you should use security bolts on.
    It’s still listed on the Atera website but roofbox the importer are showing as discontinued.
    Recommend if you can fine one.

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    They will damage the paint where they mount but you can minimise it with some helitape or similar.

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