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  • trb

    What you need is a “rock and roll bed” – google it.

    And then look at a transit or a merc as they are just as good and lots cheaper due to not being a “lifestyle purchase”


    You can go from one extreme (where a removable bed = an air mattress and removable storage = some plastic crates) to the other (like a kit from http://www.amdro.co.uk which is modular and you can take the stuff out when you don’t need it, expensive mind).

    Split charger and leisure battery are a doddle to fit, ring Martyn at http://www.travelvolts.com who’ll sort you out. Taking the next step to electric hook-up is easy too (just doing that myself at the moment).

    Bear in mind that some campsites can get a bit funny with ‘campers’ that are just vans with an air mattress slung in the back.

    Loads of good stuff here:


    I have used VW transporters as a daily driver for many years. From and old type 2, T4 and now a T5 California. After also driving Transits and Vito’s, the VW is definitely my prefered option.
    If you are looking for a conversion, I looked into this a lot before taking the plunge with the California, I would recommend a Reimo rock and roll bed/rear seat. Though they are expensive to fit, they are TUV approved and crash tested equipment, they also fit to rails which gives extra flexibilty in where the seat is positioned meaning you can have a load bay at the back of in the side door by sliding the seat in the rails. The seat will also lift out completely if required giving full van mode.


    What you need is a T4 Multivan.

    Fits all your criteria, and it’s all Factory Spec so you do t need to do anything to it once you have bought it.

    What is your budget ?


    Thanks for the input so far. Certainly some stuff to have a look at there

    I think my budget is likely to be in the region of 15-16K. Possibly more depending on what we decide we need.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    A T5 you say….?




    Hi. I am just starting out the process of looking for my next vehicle purchase. I am thinking of a VW transporter or similar.

    It will be used as my main car and to transport bikes in several times per week.

    My questions really refer to using it as a make-shift campervan. It would only be for a handful of times per year and as above its main use would be as a car / bike transport.

    Is it possible to get a removable bed / storage? I’m not sure I need the extra weight of a sink / hob, but maybe a removable leisure battery for connecting a cool box might be good?

    As said. Am just starting to look at ideas. Any suggestions or experiences gratefully recieved. Thanks…

    Premier Icon mos

    Can you actually park up an UK beach, set your shizzle up , sing kum bay yah with a bunch ‘totally stoked dudes’, camp overnight & hit the waves in the morning like the vendors of the T5 lifestyle would have you believe?


    You can buy my T4 Multivan for £10k 🙂


    GrahamS, brilliant vid! 😀

    adding a hob an d a sink can qualify you for camper insurance which is often cheaper than van insurance.

    It’s the water and the gas bottle that are heavy in any case…

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