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  • kevonakona

    Anyone got/had one? What they like?

    Was thinking about a van but like my comforts, almost got dragged into a passat but it had no toys but i’ve been offered a good deal on a Touran. Same spec as my Golf, so lots of toys, but is it big enough for all my stuff?


    I drive one at work…emergency care practitioner.

    Lovely to drive, quick and hasn’t let us down yet depite getting thrashed 24 hrs a day.

    Ours is obviously converted though still has the rear seats and seems to have a fair bit of space.

    If the seats in the back fold away allowing the rear to be fully utilised then I would say its a great car/van compromise.

    And thats from a VW transporter owner.

    Great Car for what it was designed for, well with 4 kids it had enough room for them and all the associated crap, without the kids drop the seats and bikes go in no probs.

    We had the 1.9tdi and it moved along nicely when we were going around the country and kids loved being higher up.

    Would have one again and especially instead of the Passat just can’t get into them at all and we are a VW family so to speak


    we were considering one but ended up getting a focus estate instead – those tourans and similar have quite a lot of boot volume, but most of it’s vertical which ends up being much less useful. we concluded that a proper length to the load space is much more practical.


    we have the 2.o tdi SE and its great. Plenty of room for kids/prams/etc and take some seats out (you choose the config) and plenty of room for bikes/kit.

    the 2 seats at the back fold down flush into the boot and the three in the middle row can be removed in seconds to give a decent payload. VW even offer a specific bike rack for the boot space.


    m8 has the 1.4 Turbo-supercharged version, definitley reasonably rapid, he’s been using it for visit to the in-laws in scotland (from here in the midlands) and is very happy with it.
    Loads of room, more storage than your house and very versitile – and apprently the handlin is very car like, even though it look like a van..

    Personnally I wonder how long the engine will last, but if VW believe it’s worthwhile, it must be good?????

    Premier Icon iainc

    Have a few friends with them and have only heard good things. we wanted one when we were changing cars in January, but the cost was too high so got a 1.8 petrol cmax instead -(

    I’ve had mine 3 weeks, 1.9tdi S (base model). I previously had A Renault Grand Scenic, 1.6 petrol, which started dying when it reached 125000 miles. I prefer the size/shape of the seats in the back of the VW, less hugging style so perfect for adults. The two extra seats in the boot will fit adults aswell. My only niggle todate is the front passenger seat doesn’t fold flat, but that might be just my model. The senic one did and came in handy for trips to B&Q for decking.


    I had one for a while and loved it for use with the bike because the load height made putting the bike in the back so much easier. You can also remove the rear seats and make the load area huge. An estate is probably more practical in terms of the volume of useable load space, but they are harder to get bike in the back of.
    Of course if you’re carrying bikes on the roof then there isn’t really an obvious advantage to the Touran.


    Most uncomfortable car I have ever had, gave me awful back ache, lumbar support was useless


    Most uncomfortable car I have ever had, gave me awful back ache, lumbar support was useless
    and ours is the only car I’ve been able to drive for long journeys without using a MacKenzie roll…!

    Great little car. More often than not has the back seats out and used as a campervan.


    I have a 2.0tdi sport with DSG, it is great, not put a foot wrong in two years, have had a chipped and has the dsg gearbox, you would be surprised how nippy it is.

    I always had really nice cars before this and traded down to fund my Masters degree, TBH I enjoy it just as much as my BM’s and Mercs, I am so attached to it now that I intend to keep it for many years to come and just run it into the ground, the days of changing cars for the sake of it are over plus I couldn’t bear to sell it, although they are tough as old boots.

    I will guarantee it doesn’t age anywhere near as quick as equivalent Ford, Vauxhall, Renault etc.

    The back is huge, I have a baby seat in place but I can put two of the middle 3 seats down and still fit a couple of bikes in with the wheels on. Great for trips to the tip etc and can seat 7, mine has inegrated phone and heated seats.

    If you can get one with the DSG box I wold recommend it as it transforms the car, great to hustle along or easy to waft in traffic.

    Average around 45mpg or mid 50s on motorway.

    The front seat does fold flat on mine BTW


    I was thinking about one of these but was put off by numerous reported problems (some on here, I seem to recall somebody saying that he looks after a Touran fleet and had to replace most of the gearboxes?)

    Honest John has the skinny on most cars

    Touran 2003


    Great car, but my gearbox (1.9td) imploded after 36 months/40k & took the clutch with it. VW paid 2/3rds of the cost, but still cost me £900.


    More reasons to get one with dsg


    Ive got a 2.0 Tdi sport, i love it, also good because it is quick but doesnt look it 🙂


    Bimbler, it was me that said about gearboxes….

    We had 40 Touran’s on our fleet at work, 38 had new gearboxes!! One had had 3!!
    We don’t drive them particularly hard and only carry parts for commercial espresso machines.

    They have been replace by new shape Ford Galaxy’s, S max’s and a few C max’s (80 cars in total!) Not one has had major problems, my Galaxy is about to be replaced as it has done 87’000 in 20 months.

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    We’d considered one when we looked at people carrier type cars when sprog no. 2 came along – as someone else on her has said, a lot of the space in them is vertical, and we needed horizontal space with all seats in use, so ended up with an estate – Octavia Tdi, as I’m living the STW dream….

    But we love the DSG gearbox!

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