VW T4 van Or T5 Van

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  • VW T4 van Or T5 Van
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    Which should I go for? A really late T4 low miles or an early T5?

    Any opinions?


    I’ve driven a number of T4s and have a T5, so hope this helps. The T5 is slightly larger and feels the generation newer that it is (remember T4 was designed in the 80s). Check the height of any local car parks though, coz T5 is very nearly 2m where as T4 is 180something, For best economy I think the 130 is the way – it has the 6 speed box, which the lower powered 4cyl engines don’t.

    The 174 flies, but wont drop below 30mpg without extreme provocation. Well worth the extra if you do long haul motorway work, but I wouldn’t bother for town and local runs. It can eat tyres.

    Typically you’ll get more toys on a runout model and more problems on the first of a new series, but I dont know how this relates to Transporters.

    Happy hunting

    I have a 85ps 2006 T5. it’s comfy, but def feels bigger than the T4 – not a problem unless you spend all your time on tiny country roads.

    T4 is excellent though, and the T5s ain’t cheap. T4 doesn’t seem to notice the mileage so you should be fine with a van with a 100k on the clock.

    get a larger engine, my van is ok on motorways, but really I’d rather something a bit on the more powerful side. 104ps will be fine, the 130 better, the 174, fab!

    VW vans are ace


    If you’re going for a T4 with over 80k on the clock make sure the cambelt and waterpump have been done.

    T4 forum has a T5 section, if you haven’t already found it….

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    Going to have to try join the T4 club this year friend is interested too so should be able to go halfers and get a good a nice one.


    Having owned both, I have to say I’d take a higher millage T5 over a lower millage T4. The T5 just seems that bit more refined and the engines are stronger powerwise. The 104ps have more than enough poke for general use, in fact even full of building trade kit mine still pulls suprisingly well.

    Both great vans though


    Just spent 2 days with a T5-85 while my 174 was serviced, so will help (bore) you with some differences I noticed. Yes, 85 was a load slower on the motorway and hills, but it was also easier to drive in town. It also felt nicer through the corners, possibly cos the 4cyl versions are 100kgs lighter!

    Doesn’t sound as good though.

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