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    I had the 1.4 TSI 150 lump in a Golf and it’s very good. I could achieve 65mpg on a long and very restrained run, but 40mpg overall.

    I wouldn’t call the performance anything other than competent, though.

    Personally, I’d be looking at a Mini Cooper hatch. Similar drivetrain and mpg (in theory), but in a more exciting car.

    I think I am correct that the 1.4TSI engine comes in several flavours ranging from 120-160bhp accross the VAG range, however I believe that it will tune to between 180-220bhp.


    Kind of. Most TSI engines are turbo only. The one with the turbo and supercharger combo will go over 200bhp. They are 180bhp by default.



    Bloke at work has got one (not sure if it’s the 150 version though.

    It looks very nice; quite grown-up looking for a super-mini. He’s very pleased with it.
    I think you can get the same engine in the Ibiza too, which I imagine would be a bit cheaper to purchase.

    Have you looked at the Fiesta ST-Line? They do a 1.0 Ecoboost with 140bhp, although it seems to be a bit off in terms of performance.

    Suzuki Swift always seems to get raved about, but perhaps a bit smaller & not sure it’s as pokey or economical….


    hi all thinking of a new car Polo Blue GT reasonably quick with £20 road tax & good MPG not going to do massive mileage so no diesels will probably be new, Any other recomendations ?


    Average about 37mpg in my Polo GTI which is the 1.8t at 192bhp. On a lease 9+23 at £163 p/m though I got a £250 discount on the initial payment aswell.

    Bloody good fun and doesn’t break the bank


    I would be looking at the Audi A1 rather than the Polo, just based on the fact that the Polo is a lot of cash anyhow.

    The Fiesta is a very good car, but the 1.0 Eco engine gets far from the claimed mpg.

    Mind you I am sure on here not long back, I think people were saying the same about the VAG TSI engines !


    I’ve got one. Picked it up recently- it’s the DSG version.
    I really like it. It’s the right size for me, cheap to run and performance is spot on.

    Initially I was looking at BMWs, Audis & other cars, but they were all a compromise. Either expensive running costs, bad residuals, poor performance, quality issues or badge snobbery. The Polo is a great middle ground. The 6c is almost the same size as the Mk4 Golf internally, and the GT holds it’s value very well. I regularly see 55+ mpg (cars only on 3k so still tight). Performance wise, I commute on tight B roads and then town, I can’t use the full performance of the car, so I didn’t need anymore power. I tested the Fiesta ST, but found it too harsh and crashy for my commute, likewise the 500 Abarth, and the Polo GTI wasn’t that much better performing.

    The ride in the GT is just right for my drive, firm but not crashy. The DSG box is fantastic. Gearbox is great, it’s so smooth! Paddles are a nice touch and great fun when pressing on. Also, the black headlining is a nice touch.

    I’m very smitten with this car. I’ve driven and had some nice company cars in the past too (535d & V60), so not my first foray to something new/nice.

    [url=https://postimage.org/]posted image[/url]

    [url=https://postimage.org/]pictures upload[/url]


    The Blue GT is a good little car – I really like that engine and wanted to get an A3 with it as my company car but our lease deals favour diesels. Didn’t notice the cut off to two cylinders and it felt nippy enough in a small car. I wasn’t a fan of the Polo though and was surprised at how small it felt inside.

    We ended up with a MINI Cooper – my other half loves it. It’s pretty good on fuel – doing mostly short trips its averaging 41mpg with 2k on the clock. It’s not a hugely practical car, but it feels big in the front. The interior is more interesting than the Polo and the A1.


    FunkyDunc – Member

    I would be looking at the Audi A1 rather than the Polo, just based on the fact that the Polo is a lot of cash anyhow.

    Funnily enough, I was gonna say that in my original post but changed my mind.
    For me, I’d be looking at Fabia/Ibiza (not sure the Fabia comes with that engine) or jumping up to the A1.
    I know when I was looking at my previous Ibiza, the Polo commanded a large price premium for a car with a lower spec although this perhaps isn’t relevant when buying new (I was looking at 2nd hand cars).

    VW seem to have good lease deals, so perhaps there isn’t so much in it.


    I pulled out of a BlueGT purchase at the 11th hour earlier this year when VW delivered a 5dr version, not the 3dr I ordered.
    In hindsight Im fairly happy about this, as subsequent ‘sit in a Polo’ sessions highlighted a lack of resting clutch foot space. Im a big guy and it was a squeeze too far in reality.
    I very nearly went for a DSG version instead and I know I wouldve really liked the car in this form (and no clutch pedal, obvs) but the extra £1500 over 3 years simply pushed my budget too far in the end.

    I went with a Suzuki Swift Sport.
    Best things about it: it was dirt cheap, 3 door has ample head and body room (more than any other small hatch i’ve sat in), it’s pretty well loaded (just found a button yesterday that folds door mirrors in – bonus!), the headlights are excellent, erm, its cheap.

    Performance wise, it has sure footed handling – i’ve hit b-road speeds that I care not to divulge.
    Acceleration is ok, it is starting to loosen up now at 5k but im lead to believe 12-15k is the sweet spot. It’s very responsive between 5k-7.5k rpm – and would happily spend all day there.

    In summary, its not a car that makes me feel warm and fuzzy – the pic of the Blue GT above makes me feel warm and fuzzy – but, it was cheap and goes really well for its price point. At the end of the day. im skint, so it was the best decision for me.

    Now IF Fiat still made £10k Panda 100hp’s this would be a different story..

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