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  • VW passat: wipers have got a poltergeist. HELP
  • 2000 Passat, i can’t turn my wipers off!

    anyone come across this?


    is it raining?


    my 1999 estate has a rear wiper with a mind of its own – I’ve never got to the bottom of it

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    warning – new wiper motor alone on 2000 Passat cost £258 🙁


    If you have to replace?:
    http://www.carsparefinder.co.uk/ (there are a few online scrapyard finders online)


    Could be the self park switch, even when you turn the switch off the motor has to be kept live until the wipers have parked.


    It will either be
    1. Like Pete says: a parkswitch/park plate failure internal to the motor
    (This is the most common type of motor failure)
    2. Dodgy column stalk/connections
    3. Dodgy rainsensor/connections

    Most likely #1 but do give the rainsensor part of the windscreen a cursory clean and the stalk a waggle about for some amateur diagnosis.

    In the interim – and to avoid anything burning out – one could remove the wiper fuse – this is of course entirely your choice and needs be be precisely timed with a break in the rain to get you to the breakers yard 🙂

    don’t think it’s the rain sensor as the wipers don’t switch off (the rain sensor only operates if the stalk is in intermittent setting)

    the motors seem to be around the £100 mark



    Probably correct but, like I say, could be that it (the sensor/switch interface) is dodgy I have seen this happen very recently.

    However .. probability (I suggest 8/10) is that motor park plate/switch is corroded which means that the ‘turn me off’ signal from the stalk doesn’t get to (the right part of) the motor.

    which i presume is non serviceable ie a replacement motor is the only option?


    You can usually strip them down and clean them, but that’s about it – they dont sell spare internal parts AFAIK.

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    Mike you bellend – give German Swedish and French a call if you need parts. I’ve been using them for years and they’ve always been cheaper than anywhere else without the associated risk of using a scrappers.

    Is this the Passat you’ve had for ages? I thought it was newer than 2000?

    Love you long time

    ah mr flange

    GSF don’t do wiper motors for anything after ’98

    they’ve also just cost me £60 by supplying RUBBISH brake pads that rattled

    it is indeed the one we’ve had for aged

    hows the back?

    i think i scared the poltergeist away by approaching the car with a Haynes manual, a tool box and a look of intent

    they work fine now

    as you were

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    Back is good mate, ever since i stopped throwing myself down flights of steps/looking at maps on the back seat of my car it seems to have stopped hurting.

    Did you put a small amount of copper grease on the back of the pads before you put them on?

    See, you wouldn’t have this problem if you bought shonky old MkII golfs like me.

    greased em good

    the tolerances are all wrong. in their defence they were £40 cheaper than the ones from a VW dealer

    i shall be sending some sand

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    Tough love


    happened on my seat. same gizmos as vw once peeled back.

    thought it was funny at first as turning on and off would solve the problem till they’d turn themselves on and could only turn off by pulling out the fuse.

    it wasn’t the motor that was buggered, just the switch/arm behind steering wheel that needed replacing.

    cost €140 at vw garage to get sorted.

    **** cars……$$$$

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