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  • VW LWB van reversing solution
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    I’m no driving god so I have to be careful reversing my LWB Transporter. Decided to install some cheap sensors in the bumper and a mate who has a proper camper.. Mentioned his solution which is a remote wireless camera on the top of his 8m van and a remote screen which he pulls out when needed. I dont fancy a large camera on the top but apparently there are tiny cameras that you can mount much lower down maybe even around the number plate.
    Anyone have any experience of these and can recommend a not too expensive model??

    Premier Icon PrinceJohn
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    I have one that came with my van fixed to the number plate – it’s next to useless when you get close to something as all you can see is wall of hedge.
    I would go for one where you can see van bumper plus obstacles.

    EDIT: A tow bar is a great bumper protector.

    Premier Icon wheelsonfire1
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    There’s been a thread on here in the last few weeks that covered this, the conclusion was high level is best, a view I’d agree with due to my motorhome experience.

    Premier Icon BigJohn
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    For my Vivaro van I bought an eBay or Amazon special £60 dashcam that had a pea-sized rear view camera. It involved passing a wire through to the head which I mounted where a rear view mirror should go and I mounted the camera on the number plate light housing.
    It worked a treat. It functioned as a rear view mirror and as I have a 60m reverse to get to the garage it was invaluable. Reverse parking in Tescos was fine. I never hit a (nother) car after I fitted it.

    Premier Icon surfer
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    Thanks, sorry usually do a search so I will find that thread.

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    I have a high up camera fitted by a 3rd party and factory fit parking sensors.

    It’s a good combo.  However you need to get REALLY close to something, like 2 inches away from your garage then you’ll struggle.

    Premier Icon Phil_H
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    EDIT: A tow bar is a great bumper protector.

    That’s what I’ve got. Thud = close enough 😁

    Premier Icon Flaperon
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    EDIT: A tow bar is a great bumper protector.

    Yep, the holes in the bumpers of other vehicles are testimony to this.

    Don’t forget to fit a “SAFE-T-BAR”, which allows you to reverse at speed into the car of your choice and use them as a parking sensor.

    If you can’t reverse, don’t buy a bloody LWB van.

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    We bought a new radio a Sony large screen thing for our van and it has an input for a reversing camera. So I installed one which replaces a number plate light with a version featuring a camera. Between bridging into the reversing light circuit and running cables back on to the camera it was reasonably easy.

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    We’ve only got a caddy Maxi lIfe but it came with reversing sensors AND a camera mounted just above the number plate. The combination of both is really good. The sensors are more useful for telling you if you’re actually going to hit anything and how close you are than the camera.

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    I find sensors very useful and in combination with the big shiny things on the doors have no problems reversing my (longer and wider) van. I’ve found that reverse cameras are often not that helpful.

    Having said that I am considering fitting one to mine, just because I can whilst I’m doing another job on it and because it might occasionally come in handy.

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    I’ve fitted 3 of these Boscam K3s now.
    They’re dope.
    The one on my van is invaluable.
    Very discrete mount on the numberplate.
    Not sure about the wireless versions.

    Deal: BOSCAM K3 Reversing Camera Kit, Reverse Camera with 4.3” LCD Monitor, IP68 Waterproof Night Vision Rear Camera

    Premier Icon timba
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    I’ve got an OEM reversing camera mounted half-way up one rear door and hidden with the number plate lamps so that it’s protected from grot.
    It’s got a wide angle so that you get a vertical view “through” the bumper and to several metres behind. You can park within mm of whatever is behind if you want to.
    Low sun and you can see nowt (the same whether high or low-mounted) Get help/get out
    A high vehicle can hit low entrances and you can’t see the clearances to reverse (high camera better?) Get help/get out
    Grot can obscure the lens, but never bad enough to need to clean it (less set high?)

    None of this is enough to change to a high camera, but I’d install a high camera if it was my first and I’d have sensors as well for those low sun days.
    One or the other? I’d have a camera rather than sensors

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    I installed a pioneer double din radio in my last vw t5 lwb and a rear view camera. It was really good but if the sun was shining on the screen and or camera or there was dirt on the camera it was difficult.

    My new van has parking sensors and I prefer the beeps. I’ve installed the same radio but not bothered with the camera.

    However, if I was going to add one then I’d install one of these.

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    @kayak23 Cheers gone for one like that and dismantled the rear handle and panel as well as rear light cluster for when it arrives tomorrow. Thanks for the comments.

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    If your reversing into spaces / against kerb etc, you can just just tape on the rear mudguard as a sighting line.

    I’ve done it on outdoor centre minibuses for three decades.

    The tape outlasts any camera system we’ve tried.

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    I’ve had a lower door mounted one on the old Vivaro. It worked fine, but you couldn’t see the bumper to judge distance. Our T6 has a brake light mounted one which gives good coverage away from the van but importantly allows you to see the bumper. Getting it out of the garage is far easier as you can see how close you are, which is significantly closer than the reversing sensors would allow.

    Both systems were from Ali-Express. The T6 is now wired in to the pioneer head unit

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    Mine is high level, wide angle and shows from the bumper to the horizon.

    It’s just about detailed enough to put a trailer hitch directly over the towball and is plenty clear enough for all other uses.

    Gives a good sideways view for the rare occasions you need to reverse out of a space.

    It’s not big, about the size of a dice. Its OEM, Clarion I think.

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