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  • Premier Icon tomhoward


    Gutted for him. As per the commentary I feel a bit empty for him, god only knows how he must feel!

    Just watched it. Heroic. But God that’s tough.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Out of interest, given that he lost it 15 meters from the line on a 175k, pancake flat, stage, would he have won if he had a set of clip on tri bars? Against ‘the rules’ I know, but winning is winning, as I’m sure a Texan once said.


    Just watched the last few k’s again and still thought he may just do it! Amazing effort and definitely a psychological point scored in the run up to the worlds TT. Must be gutted but sounds from the interviews that he took a lot of positives from it regarding his form.


    He defo would have one it if he had tri bars.

    He might have won it if he’d stopped looking around in the last 500m….(I knew the result but was still shouting at the tele… stopping looking round get your head down)

    And that’s gotta be the hardest part for him. He knows somewhere…over the almost 4 odd hours that he was out front.. he let up just a little bit.

    Cruel … so cruel… but what a ride.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    I think it was closer than 15m in 175km. More like 5m! 😯

    Like the commentators I was speechless. Turning out to be a great Vuelta.

    Absolutely f’ing epic. Needed to go to sleep, but I couldn’t miss it. Loved it. Screeming at the telly late at night. Tony Martin rules… 😀


    gutted, Tony Martin is in my team.
    so close to one of the greatest stage victories this year, and there have been a few.
    Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t have orchestrated that one better himself!


    haven’t shouted at the TV like I did last night in years, what a ride.

    Have replied to stybars tweet asking if “great to ride with Gilbert” is lost in translation. Nobody loves a wheel sucker.

    Crap phone double posting

    What a strange win today?

    At least Roche moved up!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    3 seconds in it and two mountain stages to go inc Angrilu, epic stuff, c’mon Chris do it for the old gits!

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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