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    do hardtail bikes no longer count as mountainbikes ??

    Yes, but nobody desires them 😛
    Though mine is actually nicer looking than all the nominated ones

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    After a while of looking for something to redeem that awful awful rear triangle you start to notice all the fine detail that’s hidden away in their construction, they really are works of art.


    They might look better in person from really close up so you can only see the front (or rear I guess) end but from more than about two feet away they look like two halves of different bikes. I’ve seen several in person and kept hat enough back to be sure I wouldn’t catch anything.

    It’s the bike equivalent of

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    @scotroutes druid the world is never ready for the pioneer 

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    No one else seems to like it but voted for the deviate – it’s the bike I would most like a shot of from the collection we could choose frae

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    Needed a hardtail on the list

    The Cotic if pushed

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    I have a Starling Murmur, best bike I’ve ever ridden & super tough too. I also think it looks good. For me, more travel would make it even better!
    The Atherton looks great and the custom sizing sets it apart. I think they look good too. But I think steel rides the best if it’s done well.

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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