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  • stwhannah
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    Put simply, where do you think is the best place to ride in the UK? Tweed Valley Golfie viewsNo1 PeeblesFNY CollectiveScenesAdrenaline UpliftAngry She …

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    For trail centres, Comrie Croft must be up there with the best of them.

    Relatively small but with some great trails, bike shop, camping and the food is pretty nice too. 👍

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    Oh, I can only choose from the above. I thought they were just examples.

    Never ridden bike park Wales so can’t really pick that one.

    Recently spent the weekend up Dunkeld and the sheer breadth of quality trails within riding distance of the town is incredible.

    But the tweed valley would still get my vote as although the trails are more spread out, there are just so many, even after Arwen visited. Tweed love and the EWS are very well done and seem to be embraced by the locals. Forsyth’s butchers and bakers on Peebles high Street are the icing on the cake (pun intended). Lasagne pies are very tasty 🤤

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    Never ridden bike park Wales so can’t really pick that one

    Well, that and it not being in the list. That option should probably read Revolution Bike Park in Wales. Still, probably get them a ton of votes from people who thought it was BPW

    Edit: I see the text has been edited

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    What are you talking about, Revs has been dry alllll summer. :) #REVS4EVS

    Everyone should vote for Revs now. If you haven’t seen their announcement on IG, check it out. The community is losing a great riding spot for the forceable. Such sad news.

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