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    Help required please?
    I am looking at getting a 16″ frame Voodoo.
    In Halfords yesterday, the assistant measured the frame from BB centre to top tube/seat tube junction, and got 16″.
    To me the frame looked more like an 18″, should it not be measured to the virtual intersction of the flat top tube and seat tube?

    I had no confidenct in the shop help, after first being told all were 20″, then that it was 26″, then that the seat should be “slammed”

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    Get on one and ride it before getting caught up in how they measure up.

    All manufacturers tend to differ in their measurements so it’s always best to go with what ‘feels’ right as opposed to their sizing.


    No online geometry specs? Size can be c-c, to top of top tube or top of seat tube.

    should it not be measured to the virtual intersction of the flat top tube and seat tube?

    No, that’s for effective top tube measurement (from the head tube).

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    certainly Konas use the same measurement the halfords guy did and Joe Murray (mr Voodoo)used to work for Kona

    So id agree with the shop on that one

    how tall are you?



    I’m 183cm 6’1″ and ride a voodoo bizango in a 20″ the 18″ seemed short NAD the halfords guys were clueless at sizing the bikes…

    Chuffed with mine though I really rate the bizango

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    Voodoo’s measure from centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube, if he measured to the centre of the top tube and that was 16″, then I guarantee the bike is an 18″.
    Both voodoo and Kona have the extended as they were both designed by Joe Murray.
    Try sitting on the bike and see how it feels!



    Thanks for the responses, another visit due I think.
    He did measure from the BB centre to the centre of the top tube, sitting on it felt more like my 19″ Cindercone, the Voodoo is for my wife, it just looked too tall.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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