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    Could be EGR delete? I think some petrols have EGR, don’t they?


    2004 T5SE Ex North Yorkshire Police ARV, chipped to 320, bought at 94k miles for £5k.

    Stupidly quick ( I mean proper face melting performance) and actually very nimble on the twisty stuff a) after the Mickey Mouse front wishbone bushes are replaced with solid polyurethane ones… And more importantly B) you remember it’s a two and a half ton, front wheel drive car with 320BHP. Slow in – fast out, the car rewards smooth driving.

    Upsides if you get a white one the road presence is unbelievable traffic just melts out if your way ( can’t think why 😉 ). If you are doing long distance stuff and need to carry a ton of kit plus bodies they are brilliant, T5 gives you the grunt to overtake slow vehicles very safely on country A roads. You can drive for half a day, get out at the other end and not feel if you have been @rseraped as can be the sensation with some cars.

    Downsides as mentioned above, serious drink problem (20-30mpg) but I needed a car that could carry a ton if kit, 3 engineers and still overtake safely on country roads. The electrics are shit, no way around that, constantly throwing faults that need main dealer attention – I was lucky my mate owned the dealership but even at great mates rates it was still painful. Crap in snow, like really really crap ( tyres)

    Would I have another one? As much as I loved it … No. To much hassle to upkeep, didn’t mind the fuel cost as the benefits were there.

    Sold it for £1.5k 2 years later having for the mileage to 235k… Yes it’s fair to say I put a lot of miles on it.

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    Did the first oil change on my new acquisition today, didn’t realise how low to the road the engine is until I tried getting underneath and I don’t carry much weight! 😀
    It amazes me the way some people treat their car, the oil looked more like crude, and when I took off the oil filter bowl someone had left the previous O ring in there prior to the last oil change. Nice and golden now though
    On the tow bar front are the chassis rail threaded at the top, seem like plain holes in the lower, oh and are they the same as 850’s

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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