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  • Volkswagen T4 – Cross channel ferry and French toll advice
  • Yes, you’ll be charged as a car on the Peages.
    my T5 is over 2m high and never had any problems


    Have you looked at the cost of the Eurotunnel? Just book a cheap crossing at 2am and turn up “late”.


    As above ! Use Eurotunnel ,car , van same price : ) have used them for years as I live local .

    Hasn’t the peage something to do with height at front wheel that’s why my t5 was cheaper than mates t4.

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    I’m looking into this for this summer, a work colleague of mine goes there every year to lake Geneva. He advises me to go via Belgium, Luxembourg then Germany. No toll roads to to worry about. Apparently only adds a couple of 100km to the journey, but saves him about £150. He does take a Peugeot Elddis Autostratus camper van, which he gets about 18 mpg. So your saving should be greater.

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    i used to take my t4 camper which was home built from a t4 combi with rear windows. i always paid car rates or suv i usually booked as. no-one ever checked. i did have a bed/ seat in the back though. cant remember anyone on the ferry caring or ever looking in the window. as long as it doesnt look like a builders van and youre not covered in plaster etc you should be fine….


    Planning a trip down to Switzerland in September in my T4 van to hit some trails. I have side windows in back but no seats/furniture, just carpet lined only.

    I dont really want to pay van rates on dover calais, anyone any experience of similar vehichles getting on for lesser rates?

    And would I be classed as a car on the tolls, I beleive it goes off being under 2mts high, which I would be ok on.



    I’ve done loads of trips on : Hull/Rotterdam/Zebrugge Dover/Calais/Dunkirk and Eurotunnel in Various T4’s over the last 10 years, both with and without windows and full camper, never paid for anything other than a car.
    Also never paid any extra on the peage either.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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