Vodafone incompetence – legal rights

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  • Vodafone incompetence – legal rights
  • Had an upgrade a year ago and returned the phone after Voda agreed they had mis-sold the phone. They carried on charging £48.50/month, rather than the previously expired contract price of £36 even though we hadn’t had the phone.

    The website never works, phone up and get passed from department to department, then get cut-off – it’s usually a 2 hr job. Eventually got round to trying to sort it tonight and true to form, lost 2hrs of my life and did indeed get cut off once. When I actually got through to someone, I was basically told tough shit – they apparently text me in January to say my price plan wouldn’t change and I should have called them at that point. I have no recollection of any text and the phone it may have come to has died since.

    What are my legal rights – I’d guess at bugger all


    Given that your complaint seems to have been ongoing for more than 8 weeks I would go through the Ombudsman

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    Twitter whinge is very effective nime

    You cannot go straight to the Ombudsman without first following their complaints procedure here.



    My interpretation would be that you’ve been complaining for 8 weeks and are getting nowhere – which in Vodafone’s case is not unusual.

    Edit – I would go for it, worst case is they tell you to go away and come back when you’ve jumped through that hoop.

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    In my experience, most but not all of their helpline people are incompetent. Their website didn’t quote the roaming cost for Greenland, so I asked, and was told by email that it’s as for Denmark. Went to Greenland, charged 2.5 times what I expected. On the ninth attempt, I managed to get somebody with a brain, who understood the problem, apologised and credited the difference.

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    Yeah, they’re shit

    They are the only provider whose signal I can actually get at home – I’ve dumped them all the same

    They have an offshoot (forget the name) selling apparently cheaper contracts that I briefly used for one of my kids. They overcharged me, even after me calling up and having a cap put on her account.

    Getting an account cancelled took me 90 minutes on a voda account and over 2hrs for the other lot (though, amazingly, the final obverseas call centre bloke I spoke to said “yes, the cap is very clear on this account; you’ve been overcharged. I will refund immediately, hold ther line. And he did 😯 )

    If it was me I would either ring them again and insist an official complaint is recorded or write to them at the address in my link. If no joy then go to the Ombudsman.

    Twitter flaming also helps! https://twitter.com/VodafoneUKHelp


    I sent them a letter before action on Wednesday, I’ll let you know if that works!

    I had a similar issue with them when they tried to charge me an early exit fee that they had expressly told me wouldn’t be charged when I phoned up for a PAC code. I only went through two retards before I got a good one who had enough common sense to make a decision and sort it all out.

    Variation on the above. Facebook post got me a reply within 5 minutes from ee.

    Was still rubbish but they admitted their fault.

    They asked my wife if she wanted a free wifi dongle, she said yes and was billed for it. We got nowhere ringing them up so went in store (who couldn’t help) but said they do it all the time to customers to hit targets. Eventually on the 4th call to voda we managed to get passed to a manager who said he needed to listen to the tapes of the first call saying it was free, this could take 6-8 weeks. We eventually got him to agree if we send the dongle back unopened we can get the account credited. Absolutely useless company. When the contract expires were closing the account.


    If they’ve been billing you in error via direct debit, get your bank to refund you under the direct debit guarantee. The chargeback may get their attention, and even if not, you get your money back.

    And yes, VF are terrible. Their complaints people are just as useless as the rest of them.


    They’re awful. Took me 3 months to sort an issue. I got some compensation but will not be renewing my contract with them.

    Got a call from Vodafone today out of the blue, admitting that they were at fault and will be refunding the money. Maybe they read this forum…

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    Anyone else getting Vodafone ads over there? ->

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