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    Anyone use these? I currently have Merrel Trail Gloves but sportspursuit have some good looking discounts at the moment! Just wondering how they compare with respect to comfort, sizing, etc?

    I bought a pair of their sandal flavoured ones a couple of months ago (from Terra Plana(?) in Brighton). They assured me that running in them was perfectly doable but I can’t see it myself. Soft dry trails maybe, but hard/rocky/pebbly stuff is just painful. I go barefoot wherever I can so feel I have pretty tough feet. Others must be tougher.

    There full on £100 jobbies get good reviews though. A possible rival to the Vibrams.

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    I have a pair of these that replaced the X-talon 190s that were brilliant but fell apart after a couple of hundred miles..
    I’ve got the Vivobarefoot Neo Trails. They are what they say on the tin. No cushioning, no structure, no heel lift and if, like me that’s what you like you will enjoy them.
    You will feel the trail under your foot in a similar way to running sans shoes, but not get a feeling for the surface texture. They are absolutely wonderful on natural surfaces and mid distances (3-5 miles) on roads. However, if you are running on ‘improved’ trails or ‘easy-going’ routes that have stone chips, crushed rock or similar surfaces their lack of any protection does loose it’s appeal very quickly.
    They are my shoe of choice, providing the route doesn’t include long sections of the paths mentioned.

    If you’re a size 7 or 8 Amazon have some Bare Access minimal shoes reduced to £23.36

    Merrell Men’s Bare Access Trainer

    Probably just a couple left (I bought the grey/red in size 8 earlier this week for £22 – now gone up to £49)


    I have both merely tg’s and the vivo neo. The neo for winter wear as the tread is much better for the woods near me. They are a little wider fitting which took a little time for me to get used to but in essence they are very similar.

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