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  • Vitus Sommet 297 CRS review
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    The Vitus Sommet 297 CRS is an enduro bike, aimed at riders who tackle steeper, rougher tracks and also fancy cable tying a race number on.

    By mragreeable

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    Vitus Sommet 297 CRS review

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    How can this be the same weight as the Escarpe 29 CRS they also tested a while back?

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    The short answer is that the claimed weight for the Escarpe seems a bit on the optimistic side, even though Benji’s test bike was an XL and this was an L. A bare frame weight comparison for both bikes would be interesting but we’ve not been able to do that. To be fair neither bike is particularly heavy, and they’re aimed at a segment of the market where weight definitely comes second to performance.

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    To be fair, the build kit is quite similar looking with many of the same parts showing up on both bikes.

    The big differences seem to be that the Escarpe has a 150mm Lyrik v.s. the 170mm Zeb, a smaller rear rotor, narrower bars, and a CF v.s. alloy back end. Those should all weigh less (although the bars are Horizon v.s. Neutron so IDK about that). On the other hand, the Escarpe is significantly longer (~30mm), and a full 29er.

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