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  • coatesy

    Cheapest option for the battery is probably a 6V sealed lead acid unit, Maplins used to sell them, and so do most electricians suppliers(alarm back-ups etc). A small saddle bag makes a good home for them too.
    At 11 months, i’d probably go for a trailer over a seat, but they fetch strong money even when second-hand.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Seats:The seat tube ones are way too uncomfortable for me to ride – if you don’t mind the riding position though I guess it would be the best. Be great to have the wee man up front.

    I have a rack mounted one – these are the sturdiest. Very robust and great on the road / smooth off road. They can transmit bumps readily to the seat, though. I recently took our lad (2 and a bit) to the top of the red at Glentress using it, then back down the forest road and it was good. I couldn’t have done this when he was younger, as he would have been upset at the bumps.

    A drawback is that it’s a bit inflexible if you want to use your bike for other things. I have mine on a CX bike that I like to take out on proper rides – it’s a pita to take off the rack each time.

    The seat-tube mounted ones seem a bit flimsy to me. It’s not like I’ve ever heard of one busted in two, so maybe it’s just irrational parent concern. They’re clearly less supporting than a rack though.
    They must be very convenient as I can imagine you just whip them on or off as required. The stays also act as rudimentary shocks, so they may be more comfortable for the ween over the bumps.

    Trailers are great, but are out for me as I have no space to store one. Expensive to buy, but hold their value well to sell as coatesy says.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    A small saddle bag makes a good home for them too.

    You can also get one into a water bottle if you get the right one and use a heat gun. Back in the day etc.

    5 volt vistalights will run off 7.2volt radio control car batteries

    Premier Icon fenboy

    lights first

    I have an old set of vistalight nightsticks, one battery 2 lamp units 5W & 10W I haven’t hardly used them recently is there a new battery i can get (not expensive) that will get them working??

    now child seats

    would you get a hamex seat tube thingy, a rack mounted one or a trailer budget is an issue, will be used on gentle off road adventures, child is 11mnths.



    vista night sticks and bulbs (standard mr11) are 6v so any high capacity 6v battery will work. nimh remote control “RC” car ones will be best just get a cable with the right connectors on each end.

    think its a standard dc connector 5.5mm x 2.5mm on the light head units.

    high capacity cells are a must as half the capacity doesn’t last half the time, its much worse. might be worth doubling them up, run two 6v rc racepacks in parallel.

    Premier Icon fenboy

    thanks guys will check out the RC battery route!

    you mention trailers are there any reasonable single wheel ones, or i’ve seen a trailer bike with a seat fitted to it?

    sorry I should have said vistalights are 6 volt and the 7.2 racecar packs work fine

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