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  • Views and opinions on a Giant TCR Composite 1??
  • Premier Icon scaredypants

    they’re supposed to be great


    absolutely amazing bike for your first roadbike (but mine was a 531 Raleigh, back around 1980), your gym membership really must have been be silly money. 😉
    TBH, if you are simply using it to “keep fit” you don’t really need anywhere near as expensive a roadbike.. plenty good bikes around the £500-700 price point and unless you are racing, the benefits of spending a lot more are fairly small..
    Also, I’d check clearance for bigger tyres and mudguards? “keeping fit” through winter will be pretty miserable without them.

    Premier Icon burgatedicky

    Looks like pretty good value, and I have a dealership and flagship store nearby to go and test one out.
    See loads of giants out and about, and a friend who has one who cant find a lot wrong with it for the money.
    Reason for asking is that I am considering binning the gym membership (it’s silly money anyway) and making lengthy training rides my main keep-fit.
    Anyone got one? Anyone decided NOT to get one/a giant?
    Any other opinions? Looked and Canyon for their value for money, but a bit reluctant to buy from Germany without having tried one for size.
    It’ll be my first road bike, but looking to invest in something that’s going to last a while.
    Many thanks,


    My mates got one and loves it. He’s pretty keen, so this isn’t a bike for simply ‘keeping fit’ on. It’s a pretty serious machine. But, if you’ve got the cash to splash then why not. Good shout on mudguard clearance though. My mate had a second winter and shitty weather bike for that with mudguard clearance.


    1st road bike…..get the defy instead.

    Premier Icon stratman

    I’m on a Defy Advanced, and I love it. Ride both and see which you like best. I’ve got crudcatcher mk11 mudguards on mine


    Last year I test rode loads of bikes, the TCR was probably the best, didn’t buy one because I couldn’t get past the boring looks.

    Not sure there’s actually much difference between any of the carbon frames, get one that fits and looks nice to you. There all pretty good just decide how flexible you are and get a head tube to suit.

    Please don’t put mudguards on it, buy a hack for that or a bike that’s supposed to have them.


    It is a lovely bike. Well made, excellent geometry, competitive kit.

    But for a first road bike, get the Defy Composite 1 instead. Same price, same kit, more adaptable geometry. You can still go low on a Defy, and high on a TCR, but a compact chainset is a little more forgiving, as is the slightly shorter top tube, which allows you to run a longer stem if you want to. Fewer spacers looks a little nicer on the Defy.

    I have both (well an alloy TCR anyway). But the Defy is so good, the TCR is being retired for all but winter and Cat 4 racing.

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