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  • asterix

    Perhaps I am thick, but anyone here know how to share a view ranger track to Facebook?

    I am recording the track on an iPhone, uploading it to the my.viewranger site and trying to share it from there but it doesn’t seem to work

    I have given the viewranger app permission to post to Facebook


    Go to your tracks, set the visibility to public, click the facebook icon that should appear beside it to share it. Doesn’t work?


    No it doesn’t seem to. I just checked that in my profile the visibility was public . When I hit the Facebook button it turns to a green tick temporarily, but then nothing appears on facebook


    Hi, Ian at ViewRanger here. We’ve had a look at this and the Facebook button is broken. Hence the problems that you’ve had. We are trying to fix it. Meantime, please accept our apologies. You can post it to Facebook manually by viewing the track on My.ViewRanger and copying the URL to a post on your timeline. Sorry, its a bit clunky. We should get the button fixed soon.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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