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  • [video] When WRC took real skill
  • Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Just dug up this video – saw it a few years ago and it is just as awesome as when I first saw it – talk about dancing on the pedals…



    I don’t think I would ever want to be stood quite as close as some of those spectators.

    Premier Icon kcal

    ace! could have done without the cheesy soundtrack though (


    The footage was awsome.
    I love the Audi.
    Was the pedal dancing, gear changing, driver view added in editing? I think so.
    And as above, that music was bloody awful.


    This is more my type of video. Just crank the speakers up.

    Great vid shame about the music.

    Is F1 allowed? 🙂


    Senna onboard at Monaco. 1990 maybe?

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    Always allowed a bit of Senna – babybgoode has just made me play that about 10 times in a row. The boy has taste!

    The skill to drive a much more bumpy Monaco whilst actually having to change gear manually – awesome.


    Premier Icon Notter

    One of the best things about the “old” F1 clips (Crikey it feels wrong to refer to that era as old, or do I just mean I’m old!!) is the lack of buttons / dials on the steering wheel.
    4 wheels, engine, steering wheel, 3 pedals and a gear stick, get on with it, fabulous!


    I knew that was going to be the Walter Röhrl video! It’s a bit of a classic. Lots of left foot braking so he can keep the throttle planted and minimise the horrendous turbo lag these cars suffered from. Initially they would just ram the next gear in without the clutch so he could still left foot brake then they developed an electric clutch actuator worked by a button on the gear lever.


    I read the thread title and also immediately thought Walter Rohrl. Best Senna lap for me Suzuka qualifying, crazy it’ll be twenty years this May.


    Real skill need RWD


    Speaking of RWD



    Watch this @ 1min35

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Think he still has the moves



    Just as we were about to be told if the bus was as quick as the Porsche around the loop it ended. 🙁

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Ah yes, that Rohrl clip is priceless. As for Vatman, my hero. The RAC in the 70s, there was a sport for real men, or insomniacs.

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