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  • Video editing software, please help
  • Premier Icon martinhutch

    Depends what effects you want. Windows Movie Maker is more than enough for a simple film.

    You could probably sort out a free trial on Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere.


    What OS?

    Windows: Movie Maker
    Mac OS: iMovie

    There’s lots of tutorials on the web. Look at videos you like and figure out how they’ve been edited, similarly for videos that you don’t like. Basically keep it short and keep each scene short. Don’t use the fancy scene transitions.

    Cool, Windows 10 – so it seems Windows Movie Maker might be a good place to start. Sorry for being a Luddite and not checking but I assume that I can add music through Movie Maker?


    I’ve got video from 3 different cameras that were recorded during a recent event and I’d like to try my hand at editing them together to be a short highlights film. Here comes the big question, what software is best for this, ideally free but if the functions are much better I’m happy to pay a small amount. I’ve seen some great clips on here over the last few years so wondered what’s being used?



    Movie Maker is OK, and you can add music. However, it is fairly limited, and don’t be tempted to go OTT with the transition effects!

    I started using a demo of Sony Vegas but never got serious enough to purchase the full version.


    Yes Windows Movie Maker is great, but you can’t mixed movies like a split screen or small insert from a different camera angle. I think iMovie can but it’s not Windows.


    Not sure if it does that specific effect, but Hitfilm Express is pretty powerful for a freebie.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Not used Windows Movie Maker since XP days, but I loved it. It’s simplicity was a huge plus, since it focuses you on the process and skill of editing the raw footage into something watchable rather than relying on lots of fancy transitions and other effects. The former is a skill and very enjoyable, the latter is often lipstick on a pig (and bad lipstick at that!). It’s amazing how even badly shot footage can be made into something watchable if you concentrate on telling a story via the editing.

    Ok, thanks for taking the time to steer me. I’ll have a look at all of the above and then post up the ‘outcome’

    Premier Icon vmgscot

    If you do want to progress from the ‘Easy to Use and Free’ to the ‘Extremely Powerful and still Free (sort of)’ then Lightworks is worth a butchers. The free version is still full-function but limits output to Youtube.

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