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  • Kuco

    Why didn’t you kill it then have it for dinner?


    I was chased by one of them ferocious essex lions

    Premier Icon Pook

    My mate had a squirrel go for him and I once had a badger look at me funny while I was having a wazz.


    The first time I nearly ran over a snake was quite emotional! 😯

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout


    That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

    Premier Icon tthew

    Run awayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    chased, honked and hissed at by mummy and daddy canada goose protecting their goslings down by the Basingstoke canal yesterday.

    Managed to outrun them, even though it was touch and go as I was on my singlespeed at the time……


    Walking in Sutherland, aged eight, with my parents, we passed a Capercaillie on the remote path. My mum reckoned it was a male guarding a nest and warned us all to just walk past swiftly.

    Being an eight year old, it was incumbent on me to turn back and investigate. The bloody thing went for me – properly did a number on me. My stepdad picked up a big stick, ran back and waved it menacingly. It went for him too.

    It leapt on his back and attempted to peck his eyes out. Terrifying. He eventually beat it off and I got a good whacking for my troubles.

    The poor thing took a good few knocks and as we left it was staggering about like a Dundonian outside a pub 🙁


    There I was. Struggling my way through the South Downs Way keeping myself to myself when I was harassed, pecked and chased around my bike by an angry pheasant (of the bird variety). The git drew blood. I had to get off the bike to use it as a shield just like Batfink. Hence the chase around the bike.

    Just wondering. Anyone else been lynched by the wildlife?


    I got mugged for my lunch by a gang of sheep once, and my mate was kicked unconscious by a cow.


    Sounds like I got off lightly 🙂 I did almost die though……


    a goose had a go at me on friday on the motorbike at 40mph good to see another waller as well 😉

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    A couple…
    Brown Snake standoff in Eagle Park Adelaide
    Several Tiger Snake Moments in Tassie
    Followed a couple of big Eastern Grey Roo’s through Stromlo early in the morning with more crossing in front & behind me
    Young deer jumped infront of me while in mid air in whinlatter one evening, wish I had that on Go Pro


    yes, couldnt believe it, got through the gate at the beginning of the newmarket hill climb on the sdw, around 17.30 on saturday, saw a pheasant in the field adjacent to the path, around 20m ahead, cycled up past it, when it made a noise, and dived at me. when i realised what was happening, i got off, and kept the bike between me and it – kept pecking my foot and the frame and tyres,while aiming for my bare shins, had to run round the bike a couple of times as he came through the gap between the wheels! – it tracked and followed me, as i walked and ran with the bike for around 150m to the next gate (couldnt ride, it was easily outrunning me uphill) – got off bike and jumped on metal gate, which he just ran under, then still giving me the evil eye, flew up onto the wooden gate next to me, about 3 foot away, and just stared at me – when i got off the gate, he did too, and so it continued, until a group of people came down the hill, and distracted it long enough for me to leg it back down the hill, took a terrible line, crashing across the ruts, spinning like mad as still in the uphill gear, but didnt care, cos i was free….didnt stop and look until i got to the bottom – check out youtube, there’s a few stories of demon pheasant attacks – funny yet bizarely scary, you have been warned……


    We are a dying breed taka. I suspect due to pheasant related injuries 🙂


    Retro mart that’ll be the same huge beast that attacked me. Really doesn’t like mountain bike riders!!!


    luckily for me i haven’t had any dangerous wildlife encounters.the nearest i have come to it was stopping on the Marlborough downs (nr avebury),whilst my friend was taking some pics.

    i suddenly became aware of a sheep looking at me.

    hello i say to myself,is the sheep going to charge me.

    said sheep was still looking at me,and walking towards me.

    it proceeded to start nibbling on my front tyre (and then the spokes).

    i had to shoo it away (before it ate my bike 😯

    Premier Icon seadog101

    Climbed over a ridge while out and about on the Isle Of Mull, to be met by the steely stare of a very big looking eagle. Gave the classic “Not big enough to eat me, too big to eat” look. Then slowly, menacingly, yet gracefully, spread it’s wings and with one flap took off. Never lost eye contact with me.

    10 mins later while still under the influence of nature I was nearly stampeded by a heard of deer.

    They were after me that day.


    I’ve had to remove four ticks from my legs in the last couple of weeks.


    Premier Icon stratman

    Let’s hope they don’t get guns and start shooting back. It’ll be Pink Floyd Animals:

    Bleating and babbling we fell on his neck with a scream
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream

    Premier Icon vondally

    pheasent flew into front wheel going downhill, over the bars i went stunned pheasent………..

    Chased by cows, well young bullocks, walkers in the field with dogs freaked them and drove them at me, threw bike over the fence and as i got on the fence given a helping hoof, bruised like billy ho and barbed wire through finger. Same field woman trampled by afore mentioned cows two days later. So wary of cows now.

    Geese always in a enclosure BW runs beside never worried till one day one was on the path scooted round but followed me for a while. Fastest down that path ever according to Strava

    Not me but swan attacked a friend, canoe instructor, on land, broke his arm, not sure if this wasthe swan or the fall down the bank into the river…………..


    Oh! To live in a part of the world where we are number 1 in the food chain is very comforting 🙂

    Although I understand the wild boar in and around FoD can be troublesome?

    Living in BC and Alberta was different though, despite the yodelling, still had a couple of encounters with bears that got the adrenaline going! Strangely enough, I never went night riding while I was there…


    Not quite wildlife, but I was on my way home after a bit of a slog last year, pretty banjaxed..

    I took an old farm track on the last mile or two, and decided to try to use myself up completely on the final climb before home..
    As I crested the hill, utterly blowing out my bum, I was confronted with the sight of a mahoosive white bull that had gotten out of a nearby field and into the lane.. He was pretty much blocking out the sun, such was his gigantic presence, and although he was facing away from me, nonchalantly munching blackberries, I wasted no time at all in turning tail and heading home the long way..

    My heart rate was already at maximum before I saw the beast, but it somehow managed to spike considerably, and so with the maximum effort of making good my escape, I was certain that I was about to meet my end (probably as it exploded up through my chest and out of my mouth), especially once I realised that I had various flashing red lights on the back of the bike, all rationality replaced by boyhood fears and mythology

    But I didn’t die (as far as I am aware), and made it home safely, getting a KOM on some random road section on the way, the journey a terrifying blur..

    I went back a couple of days later to peek over the gate to see if I could snap a photograph of this hellish gargantuan creature and was gifted with the opportunity to capture the Goliath on film for prosperity..


    Not on a bike but I had a run in with a cougar once….

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