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  • Our water pipes (not the central heating) vibrate loudly every time they are used. It seems to happen on both hot and cold.

    If I run the hot it starts to vibrate, but running the cold stops it. It’s driving us mad and waking up our baby daughter.

    A temporary solution is to run every tap in the house for a few minutes, but after a few days the problem returns.

    Any ideas on how to fix?


    I think it’s caused by air getting into the system, and expanding with heat, or something like that, but I’m not an expert at all!

    Probably a job for a heating engineer. I dunno.

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    I think its the ball cock in the header tank thats a bit loose, seems to set up some vibration causing the noise. Ours were doing this, I had a mess about with it but couldn’t really get in to have a proper look, and now the noise has gone away!
    Either that or its an airlock somewhere, how you sort that is anyones guess!

    It is an air lock and the easy way to fix it is to go to the taps furthest from the boiler and put a pipe between them (garden hose type thing). Turn the hot tap on 1/4 – 1/2 and then the cold on slightly more than the hot (pushing cold water up the hot pipe). Run for a few seconds then turn them off and go to the boiler (if a combi) and release any excess pressure built up (red dial on pipes underneath that says 3 bar on it.

    Repeat this for all other taps in house working farthist from boiler back to closest.

    If this doesn’t work, there could be a leak in the heater matrix or expansion unit and will need an engineer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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