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  • Vibrating eyeballs and peeing sensation on leg
  • mrsfry

    So what’s causing the weirdness of ‘Vibrating eyeballs and peeing sensation on leg’ It only happens after i have stopped exercising

    Or am i just a weirdo


    Eyeballs only vibrate side to side and not up and down…i have witnesses to confirm it’s real


    Do you mean pulsing eyeballs ie. twitching muscles?

    Hmm, my missus got the wet leg thing when she was pregnant, it’s to do with nerves and such, probably best to speak to a doc.

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    I’ve had the warm water on the leg thing.. Very weird sensation. Just seemed to disappear after a few months. I also get the vibrating eyeball when I’m stressed and tired. Never had both are of them do it at the same time though. My guess is a nerve being pinched or pressed in a joint.


    Thanks chaps (Not Mikewsmith, who i will talk to later). It’s my actual eyeballs and the sensation that something is peeing on the side of my leg calf bit.

    I guess i haven’t awoken my dormant X-Men gene 🙁


    I get the warm water on leg feeling occasionally after riding. I went to the dr about it and he said it’s probably a trapped nerve in my lower back and not too worry about it unless I started to get loss of feeling instead and then to come back.

    I get it every now and again and just put it down to bodies are weird sometimes!

    Or am i just a weirdo

    Not necessarily either/or. Personal experience (not with eye vibrating) long ago disabused me of that notion.

    Have any of your many, many cats been to Sub-Saharan Africa recently?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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