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  • Might be worth asking Zeb at – he has a fine hound!


    A bit of an odd question!

    Does anyone know of a vet in Morzine or Les Gets? The parents are taking their dog to France with them on holiday for a couple of weeks, they’re heading to Morzine in the latter part of their trip and thought it would be an ideal location for the dog to have her tablets before heading back to the UK.

    I don’t suppose anyone here has taken their dogs to the Alps whilst riding, but I thought someone might have noticed one?


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    We use the Vet near the Pegeot Garage in Montriond. But…. no appointments – and after visiting a vet in the UK, this one seems a little backward / dirty / strange… but to be fair, the lady vet gets the job done.

    There’s a far cleaner / more professional outfit in Tanninges – they probably do appointments as well. But given that you have to have the tablets 24 – 48 hours before you travel, this may mean a separate trip, or a wait at Calais (they wouldn’t let us on an early eurotunnel before because it was only 20 hours since the vet visit…!)

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    Since Jan 1st they only need to be treated against tapeworm, so worming tablet only.

    The timing has changed to 24-120 hours (or 1-5 days) as well so may be easier doing it in Morzine then fannying around at Calais.


    I saw a dog on someones lap on the pre la Joux chairlift once. It was struggling wildly. It would have needed a vet if it had jumped off!


    Yep, bruk has it…it’s recently been changed to 24-120 hrs so anytime within 5 days of going back. AFAIK, most vets in France are familiar with the tick treatment thing that UK dogs have to have so shouldn’t be a problem to get it done. Just ask around.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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