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  • chrishc777

    possibly, have you got any GBH, Partisans or Exploited?

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Dr Feelgood?


    Andy – pop them down to counterculture in desborough & see if cheryl will give you any money for them, if not I will take them off your hands for a few beer tokens 😉

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    I’ll take a list of whats going please and ballpark price


    Evening all, very off topic for sale thread, apologies. I have about 30 (rough guess) vinyl records, 12″ & 7″. Bands like The Clash, UK Subs, Buzzcocks etc. Anyone interested at all in buying them? Obviously I can provide a full list to people if there’s anyone genuinely interested. Not a clue what they’re worth, just want rid but don’t want to throw them out.

    Cheers all…


    Bit more interest than I was expecting, so here’s a list of what I have. Any questions or for pics etc, please let me know. I’m no expert on these at all, so I’ll do my best.

    12″ records-

    -The Clash (Self titled I’m assuming. Record is an orange marble/lava type effect, pretty cool looking. Has classics such as Clash City Rockers, White Riot, White Man In Hammersmith Palais, I Fought The Law etc).

    -Johnny Cash – Ragged old flag.

    -Johnny Cash – Man in black.

    -SubHumAns – The day the country died.

    -The Specials (again self titled I’m guessing).

    -The Clash – Combat rock (1 copy is Promotional Use only, not a clue if this is good/bad/indifferent?!)

    -The Jam – All mod cons.

    -The Jam – A town called Malice

    -The Damned – Live at CBGB’s 1977

    -The Business – Welcome to the real world.

    -UK Subs – Crash course (Live) and Bonus Limited Edition EP.

    -The Damned – Grimly fiendish.

    -The Damned – Anything.

    -Buzzcocks – Love bites (Sleeve is signed (presumably genuine)).

    -The Clash – Rock the casbah.

    -Against Me! – Reinventing Axl Rose.

    7″ records-

    -Ruts – Something I said/Give youth a chance.

    -The Clash – London calling/Armagideon time.

    -The Insane (Self titled?).

    -Buzzcocks – Promises/Lipstick.

    -Buzzcocks – Harmony in my head/Something’s gone wrong again.

    -Against Me! – Disco before the breakdown.

    -Bright Eyes – Four winds.

    -Madness – One step beyond/Mistakes.

    -The Clash – Tommy gun/1 2 crush on you.

    -The Business – One common voice/One thing left to say.

    -Sham 69 – Angels with dirty faces/The cockney kids are innocent.

    -Sham 69 – Questions and answers/I gotta survive.

    -Sham 69 – Hurry up Harry/No entry.

    -Sham 69 – If the kids are united/Sunday morning nightmare.

    -The Exploited – Army life/f!!! the mods.

    -The Oppressed – They think it’s all over, it is now.

    -UK Subs – Party in Paris/Fall of the empire (Transparent orange vinyl).

    I think that’s all of them, apologies if I’ve mispelled any etc. Any more info, or for pics, email me or post in the thread 🙂


    PS- I’m in Scotland, not High Wycombe as my profile says, however I’m happy to post/work something out as required.


    Might be interested in a couple of 7″, what would you want for them?


    Chrishc777, I haven’t got a clue what they’re worth, not the foggiest. Could well be opening myself up to letting some of these go for less than they’re worth, but make me an offer.


    Premier Icon takisawa2

    If you’ve a “Bohemian Rhapsody” in blue vinyll I’d hold on to it… 🙂

    My brother in law has one….£3k apparently!!! 😯

    If I remember I’ll email him the list. See if recognises anything on there that might be collectable. He used to trawl the country running record fairs.


    No turntable so not interested, but for what it’s worth. That is a great mini collection of tunes.
    I’m no expert but pic disks and colored vinyl always commands a premium. Good luck


    I’m in Scotland, not High Wycombe

    probably not worth the trip then, great little selection btw


    TBH the only one i really want is the exploited 7″, name a price. There’s a few on ebay for reference

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